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An island... The ocean...

An island... The ocean...

It is in a small white fisherman's house typical of Belle-Île that the Grand Sable workshop designs and creates its objects.



That's where Marguerite and Stéphane Rambaud, a designer and photographer duo, chose to set up the Grand Sable workshop in order to make her ideas and desires flourish. Inside live in harmony fragrances, photographs hung on the walls, piles of sketchbooks, shells and dry grasses gleaned among the moors and dunes, pebbles picked up at the bottom of a creek... and a wooden surfboard. 


A tiny workshop nestled on a wild, heavenly island, sometimes whipped by the winter storms' sea spray, sometimes caressed by a warm summer breeze.


It is on the big table that the projects of objects that smell good are born. The duo scribble, cut, assemble ideas and combine them with the scents of the paths and beaches we love. Grand Sable compose a world of handcrafted objects, and shape them in collaboration with passionate, local and French artisans with unique and specific know-how. Everything is a matter of touch, smell, look, gestures and hands that apply to shape them. A sensitive and artisanal "handmade". Inventing, creating, realizing... to share with you the wild, the untamed, the solar of this amazing island.


Discover our carefully selected soap bars from Le Grand Sable scented with seawater from the Breton coast. Designed in Belle-Île and handmade.


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