A journey to the turquoise sea of Mallorca

A journey to the turquoise sea of Mallorca

On our visit to the beautiful Es Racò D'Artà we made a stop at the dreamy turquoise blue sea of Mallorca where we spent some time with friends enjoying the beauty of the crystal clear waters and fine, white sand. It’s Mallorca magic to say the least!



In todays blog, we share our favourite look of the day that’s just right for a journey to the beach with your best friends. The secrets of Mallorca are endless, from surprising places like Cala Pi that has a small but beautiful cove with turquoise waters surrounded by magnificent rocks to Calò des Moro that has secret hidden trails.  




Discover the magic of Mallorca and find some suggestions of unique pieces that you can get on your next journey to the sea. It can be hard be hard to find the perfect shirt for the beach, but a stylish choice is our Boxy Check Cotton Shirt from our label Phisique Du Role. Short sleeves and a classic collar, pair it with our matching skirt and top it off with a Lola Hat!  




Crochet has made a comeback, the once popular 70’s trend offers a fresh new take. Here’s our favourite crochet piece to inspire your summer style: the white, yellow and orange version and the blue one!



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