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Summer Travel Essentials

Summer Travel Essentials


Five “out of the box” summer travel essentials to show character and unique charm

By Tsitaliya Mircheva


As people are trying to reinvent the concept of holiday traveling in times of pandemic, searching for more responsible and sustainable ways of taking time off, choosing vintage mountain trains, electric road trips, solar-powered yachts and eco camping in Sicily, here at By Adushka we are thinking of creating a holiday capsule wardrobe that’s easy and light to pack, comfortable and versatile, but at the same time interesting to photograph from different angles for your Instagram feed.

Whether you choose a seaside cottages, glamping in the Swiss mountains or a trip to the South of France, we have put together a list of 5 summer travel essentials that will save you from over- packing and will make you look effortlessly fashionable and elegant.




1. When it comes to summer traveling and holidays nothing beats a 'throw and go' linen dress. Wear on it's own with wedges for an evening meal or with sandals for lunch in a chic European city or flip flops for a few days of beach bliss. There’s several reason why linen fabric is favoured in summer. Beside that it’s light and versatile a good quality linen is breathable and super absorbent. It is a natural insulator and retains heat from your body, plus it gains and releases moisture quickly making it the perfect choice for summer dresses, pants, shirts, and even beach towels. Just make sure you know where the fabric comes from and choose good quality authentic linen like the one we offer from Nina Leuca, My Sleeping Gypsy and Santa Lupita. Such garments can last a lifetime, plus the stitches and decorations have beautiful stories to tell adding an extra bohemian touch and free-spirit, nomadic vibe to your summer.




2. We keep hearing how important it is to protect ourselves from the sun, using broad spectrum sunscreens, but one thing we often forget is a simple, but chic accessory we can use to protect our head and hair from the heat and the sun rays. Finding good quality summer hat, made of pliable straw and soft felts, but at the same time looking chic, a little retro, contemporary, charming and playful is not an easy task. Don’t leave this for the last minute, settling for a hat, which quality you are not sure about and a boring style that you’ve seen a hundred times. Discover our selection of summer hats, made in Brookline, using artisanal techniques, a combination of new creative design plus a touch of playfulness and old charm that’s so adorable. Choose handmade, choose timeless, choose sustainable!




3. As you may know By Adushka never chooses the fast and furious conventional way of dressing...And when it comes to accessories, or any kind of details, we like to choose pieces with character and unique approach. Choosing a summer bag, once again we ditched the mainstream regular beach tote and basket. Instead we chose a distinctive pattern jute bag, the Jacksons bags, designed in Notting Hill, handmade by women in Bangladesh. No two bags are exactly the same. Playful, stylish, strong & easy to travel with these bags can be worn everywhere, from the grocery store to the street corner cafe and the beach.




4. Speaking of summer, swimwear is one of the travel essentials that you can’t leave behind no matter where you go. Here at By Adushka we love to pair our latest arrival Momoni bikini with the Cagliari Trousers in printed Twill. We also like the unexpected approach to swimwear interpreted into the sexy Salento body which we love pairing with chic palazzo Trousers or a linen skirt.




5. Up your evening and beach style with a lightweight, longline cover-up, duster or kimono that will leave you feeling feminine and chic on your holidays. Perfect for throwing on over a simple outfit or over your swimsuit when you stop for lunch, this is a versatile cover-up you'll want to pack.



 Kicks-start your sustainable summer with By Adushka!

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