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Summer all year around

Summer all year around

Dear community,

We know that many of you love travelling to warm and exotic destinations during the winter months! That's why we are pleased to offer you the perfect look to pack and use on various occasions during your travels - it's all about the accessories!


As is often the case, a beautiful dress doesn't need too many accessories, because it stands out on its own! Here, our Jill Dresses by Billie Dresses are a riot of style and colour! A sophisticated and feminine dress that screams 'Africa'! 100% made in South Africa from pure cotton, this Midi long dress features a rather tight fit at the waist that flares out over the skirt, thanks to a matching wrap around belt. It has side splits and ric-rac trim. What makes it unique are the tribal pattern it features and the off shoulder detail, the two frills make it extremely playful and perfect for your everyday life.


Accessories we selected for this outfit

Such an exceptional dress does not need too many accessories, just the essentials that allow us to give the outfit one allure rather than another! Here's how we matched it for a perfect, comfortable daytime look:

- Stella Smile Bag by The Jacksons
this handcrafted bag is unique, cheerful, natural and environmentally friendly. It is made of jute - a very strong fibre which makes the natural bag not only exceptional but also durable. The jute bags are crafted without the use of electricity or machinery.
The Jacksons' bags can look perfect with both summer dress and a coat, at the beach or around the city centre.

- Natural Sheepskin Slippers, By Adushka
By Adushka is pleased to present the ultimate loungewear shoe staple: the Montone Slippers. Set on rubber roles, this caramel pair was made in the centre of Italy entirely by hand.
Comfort, creativity and quality - these slippers can be combined with any look, as you can see from the pictures. Whether it's a long dress, a short dress or a pair of trousers, these shoes are the perfect solution. Also available in black.


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