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In the Spirit of the Traveler – Anaak

In the Spirit of the Traveler – Anaak

By Hannah Campbell 

As the departure day dawns, a sense of anticipation hangs in the air. As you prepare for your journey, carefully selecting each item you want to pack, you are filled with excitement. The mere act of folding clothes sends you daydreaming of adventures that await you. The apprehensive act of packing becomes an art, as each decision carries a weight. Decisions, decisions… What pieces are worthy enough to accompany me on my journey? Each item takes on a newfound significance, as if infused with the power to transform me into an explorer. Amidst the practical considerations, a romantic undercurrent lingers with encounters yet to be had and memories yet to be made. I am filled with curiosity, for in the face of the unknown, I can discover the true depths of my spirit.

«We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world» – Robert Louis Stevenson

Anaak is a beloved fashion label known for its elegance, sustainability efforts and commitment towards preserving artisanal crafts. Their new high summer 2023 collection, ‘Someplace Like Home’ is inspired by the allure of travel, going great distances, meandering further into the wild and experiencing the untamed expanses of nature.  This collection is designed to accompany the discerning traveler on these journeys of self-discovery. It pays tribute to the famous novel ‘The Sheltering Sky’ by Paul Bowles, capturing the spirit of the traveler, who slowly moves from one part of the earth to another, appreciating the journey over the destination. The collection seeks to recapture the magic of travel after a period of forced hibernation, offering pieces that awaken the wonder of nature.

The focus for this collection was on easy to wear pieces, which provide functional layering for travel. For Marissa Maximo founder and designer of Anaak, each piece developed is both functional and works as a standalone piece. Through this concept a multitude of possibilities are unlocked, creating depth, texture, and visual interest to a look. Layering allows us to adapt to changes in temperatures and to the environment effortlessly. It helps us transition seamlessly from one season to the next, keeping our wardrobe versatile yet adaptable by mixing and matching pieces we already own. The artful way of dressing ensures that we are prepared for any occasion, while exuding confidence and creativity to express individuality. What embodies ‘contemporary’ more than just that?

‘Someplace Like Home’ gives us freedom to explore color, pattern and textures through color palettes that evoked a sense of serenity and peace of mind. Just like Bernardo Bertolucci’s film adaption of ‘The Sheltering Sky’, Anaaks cool color palette for this collection exudes different shades of whites, ecrus and creams with pops of vibrant colors like cantaloupe, apricot, apple and aubergine. Anaak uses natural organic fabrics, all dyed with natural dyes and hand made in small quantities. Their dedication to slow and mindful fashion is reflected in their decision to work ahead and develop fabrics a year in advance.

«If there is a technique I’m interested in, I basically travel to that area and work with the artisans.» – Marissa Maximo

One of joys of traveling is bringing home a tangible reminder of the places we’ve visited. Each piece of garment from this collection embodies a souvenir, a reminiscent of each cherished experience throughout a journey. From the short-sleeve Mandarin shirt inspired from the bustling markets of Asia to the long flowing Kraftan-like dresses inspired by the pageantry of the Middle East. Each souvenir truly tells a unique story of a place visited, weaving together memories and inspirations gathered along the way.

Join us on the journey, which embraces the spirit of the traveler and captures the essence of wanderlust.  Wherever you next decide to travel to, make every step of your journey a stylish and memorable one.

Safe travels,
Addi xoxo

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