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A Captivating Summer Capsule - Happy Haus

A Captivating Summer Capsule - Happy Haus

I’m so happy to be able to tell you, that we have just received some new «Summer Capsule» pieces from Happy Haus!

This brand understands the true value of a capsule wardrobe and embodies the courage to work against the grain in a fast-paced world. The founder Sandy Chagnaud is a mother who is committed to protecting the environment and the future of our children.
She established HappyHaus in 2015 with a vision to showcase the value, elegance, and ease in a small wardrobe while celebrating femininity.

Sandy believes that we don’t need more than 10 items in our wardrobe to be happy and stylish. She designs with a true sense of durability and timelessness, openly communicating that she tries not to be fashionable, but rather to propose a timeless style. She recommends a permanent collection of items that can be mixed and matched for every occasion. Her collections are designed to develop beauty, personality, and character as they age. The summer capsule consists of a few pieces that are versatile for summer wear year after year.

One thing we appreciate about Happy Haus, is their shared values and honest approach. As Sandy said, «I am not an activist, I am not perfect, even less exemplary, but I try to do my best.» This statement shows the brand’s commitment to sustainability and honesty in their practice.


Denim is one of the fabrics that develops character with time, with unique fade patterns achieved through use and the whiskers and honeycomb patterns enhanced by the way you walk. The new summer essentials from Happy Haus are designed to develop character and beauty over time.

Take care of yourself, the planet, and others by choosing timeless pieces by Happy Haus for your summer wardrobe essentials!

Catch you later,

Addi xoxo

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