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Immerse Yourself in Color - Guanàbana Spring Summer '23

Immerse Yourself in Color - Guanàbana Spring Summer '23

Ok, not going to lie. I’m especially excited about the new «Heritage» collection by Guanàbana!

Once again Guanàbana doesn’t disappoint in transferring vibrant energy through Hispanic traditions into this collection. There is something fascinating about Almudena Espinosa’s upbeat design approach, reflecting her heritage, principles and values in life and bringing them closer to the community.



Guanàbana creates a colorful world where everything is possible, and life can be enjoyed unanimously without jeopardising the environment.

In my point of view, they are authentic in acknowledging the beauty in local tradition and helping communities grow by defending their crafts. The by Adushka Team particularly appreciates the intention of their design, radiating color and light throughout our showroom.

It is nearly impossible to choose between the beautifully made bags of the «Heritage» collection SS23- each piece unique to the artisans weaving technique and trademark.



The Guanàbana tote bag with geometrical and vibrant patterns, should be a staple in every wardrobe. The depth and shape of this trusty bag, makes for a perfect everyday essential, for work, school or simply as a shopper.

The Wayuu is Guanàbana’s signature bag. This take on the traditional Wayuu bag is therefore embedded in their identity.

Immerse yourself in color for Summer 2023 and check out their new collection, bringing positive energy and colorful moments into everyday life. That's all for now!


Catch you later,

Addi xoxo

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