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Karin Kämpf’s Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Personal Style in 11 Easy Steps

Karin Kämpf’s Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Personal Style in 11 Easy Steps

Are you tired of staring at your closet every morning, feeling like you have nothing to wear? Do you dream of having a wardrobe that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident every day? Well, you're in luck! Finding your unique style doesn't have to be a daunting task. In fact, it can be a fun and empowering journey. We've broken it down into 11 simple steps, developed by ByAdushka’s founder and styling expert Karin Kämpf. With her over two decades of experience in the fashion industry, she is here to help you discover your fashion identity.

Step 1: Seek Inspiration (The Fashionista's Quest)

The first step in your style journey is seeking inspiration. Ask yourself, "What inspires me?" Is it your neighbor's chic outfits, your favorite actress's red carpet looks, or perhaps that Instagram influencer with the impeccable fashion sense? Take a cue from the world around you, whether it's the streets of Zurich or the pages of a fashion magazine. Remember, you can draw inspiration from anywhere and anyone – even fictional characters! 

Step 2: Create a Trendy Mood Board

Get creative by building your very own mood board. Whether you prefer a digital Pinterest board or a classic physical one, this visual representaion of your style goals will keep you on track. Instagram bookmarks can be your secret weapon for collecting and copying fresh outfit ideas.

Step 3: Embrace Your Silhouette

Understanding your body shape is essential to crafting your unique style. Take some photos in different poses or have an honest look in the mirror. Your silhouette is your best guide, so trust it! Clothes should highlight your curves and make you feel comfortable. Pay attention to proportions to create the illusion of height.


Your Style Should be a Reflection of Your Lifestyle and Personality.

Karin Kämpf, founder of ByAdushka


Step 4: Discover Your Fashion Preferences

Now that you have your mood board and body shape figured out, it's time to identify what you truly love. Is it skirts or pants? Feminine silhouettes or oversized, androgynous styles? Focus on shapes and lines rather than specific brands. Don't forget to consider the things you don't like; it's all part of the process. Quality is key, reflecting your standards and sustainability values. 

Step 5: Find Your Color Palette

Fashion isn't just about shapes; it's about colors too. Explore what colors suit you best. Stand in front of a mirror and test different shades – the ones that make you glow are keepers. Every piece you own in your perfect color becomes a timeless classic.

Step 6: Align with Your Lifestyle

Your style should be a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. Ensure it's not only a personal statement but also practical. Will your style work at your job? Does it fit your daily life? Don't hesitate to mix pieces from different aspects of your life to create unique looks.

Step 7: Take Inventory of Your Wardrobe

Before going on a shopping spree, take stock of your current wardrobe. Make sure you have a favorite version of essential items, such as jeans, a little black dress, a maxi dress, various bottoms, striped tees, white blouses, cardigans, and outerwear for every season. These are your fashion building blocks.


Step 8: Learn from Your Fashion Missteps

Analyze your past fashion mistakes and learn from them. Why didn't certain outfits work? Was it the wrong size, color, or pattern? identifying your fashion pitfalls is crucial for growth.

Step 9: Add Signature Pieces

Elevate your style with a few signature pieces that make you stand out. These special items exude confidence, taste, and individuality. Think iconic sunglasses, tailored suits, or timeless classics like a tweed jacket. 

Step 10: Invest in Timeless Pieces

A successful style is one you'll love for years to come. Invest in timeless pieces that won't go out of fashion. Think of fashion icons who stick to their signature looks. It's not a uniform; it's a style statement.

Step 11: Keep the Fun in Fashion

Lastly, remember that fashion should be fun! Don't be afraid to experiment with patterns, textures, accessories, and shoes. Your style is a reflection of you, so enjoy the journey. Be proud of your unique look and embrace your individuality.

In just 11 easy steps, you can embark on a style journey that will not only transform your wardrobe but also boost your confidence. Your unique style is waiting to be discovered – so start today!  

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