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Marrakshi Life

Marrakshi Life, the brand of photographer Randall Bachner, is inspired by the majestic Moroccan landscapes and the beauty of the Atlas Mountains to create beautiful and original textiles handmade in the local community in a sustainable environment. The brand works exclusively with fabrics that are hand-woven in their own atelier in Marrakesh, never bringing in outside fabrics. With no cotton production in the country, the team sources the raw cotton material from Turkey and Egypt, then dyed to the Marrakshi Life color palette locally in Morocco. From there, the dyed yarns are spun in the atelier and woven on warp/weft flatbed looms. All of the fabrics and garments are then cut and sewn in the Marrakech atelier.

Marrakshi Life is suited to a free spirit, a creative person who thinks outside the box - one who loves tradition and is aware of how important it is to pass it on, thus appreciating what they wear to the fullest. 

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