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New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer

The void of the moon is felt deep in our subconscious. Her disappearance from the visible eye brings wide space to paint on an empty canvas a new picture. What you paint is entirely up to you. Important is to do so with full trust, attuned to your emotions and in the comfort of your home or surrounded by your family on this new moon in Cancer.



Cancer, the Nurturing Mother 


With the beginning of Cancer season, we shift from the mental stimulation of Gemini and drop deep into our body, emotions and inner waters. We solidified connections and gained much needed information during Gemini season.


Now we are being invited to go deeper


Cancer represented by the symbol of the crab is the protectress of the home and family. Attached to their home and the safety it provides, Cancer is a natural at caring and nurturing others. Often found in caring professions. Their appearances can hold a moon-like round face similar to that of their ruling planet, the moon. They might get puffiness or even have stomach issues due to their sensitivity.



Their emotions ebb and flow like the tides and the moon. Making them highly intuitive, instinctive and empathic. Connected with the mother archetype, we can continue our healing of the mother wound from the summer solstice now throughout the season of Cancer. It is a good time to check within and ask ourselves: What is my relationship to my inner mother?


Every woman passes the threshold, leaving the curious maiden who was on the path of self-discovery and evolves into the expansive energies of the mother. No matter, if you become a physical mother, a mother to birthing a book into the world or another creative project, you eventually grow into the version of yourself that knows what is needed for healing and growth. Your energy naturally nourishes, enriches and heals others.



New Moon in Cancer


In the night the sun and the moon meet both in the water sign of Cancer, I invite you to take a moment to dive deep into your emotional world and body. The new moon slows all of our bodily functions down. A time to wind down, turn within and reflect back on the past lunar cycle as well as the new one beginning on that night. What are you leaving behind? And what are you calling into reality?


On a moon in Cancer, what we need and crave the most is comfort. This sign requires a lot to feel comfortable enough to open up. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside, it needs a safe space to feel at home to be and feel vulnerable.



Your sacred space


Create a safe haven and cultivate a nourishing sacred space to meet yourself this new moon. Take some time to reflect on what you would like to call in this new moon and let this be reflected in your altar through the objects you chose to work with and energetically tap into.


Place sentimental objects at your spiritual/moon altar. Objects that pull at your heart strings and make you feel nostalgic in a good way. Add flowers that nurture your inner mother archetype. Have a power object that represents the element of water: a shell, a turquoise or white crystal, a blue object or cup of water. Selenite is your go-to crystal this new moon in Cancer. It brings the gentle energy we are seeking this Cancer Moon. Have your favorite snack at hand and let’s dive headfirst into our moon ritual.



Moon Ritual


We nurture our inner waters by emerging into outer waters. Create a lavishing moon bath for yourself on the new moon in Cancer. Add in your favorite essential oil, put on meditative music and feel held by the waters that bring you back to when you were in the womb of your mother.


While you bathe, feel into what safety, vulnerability, protection means for you. How can you mother yourself this Cancer season? And give to yourself before you give to others?  Embrace whatever emotions you might be feeling. And after your moon bath, take your journal and reflect on what came up for you while you were sitting in water reflecting on the mothering Cancerian energies of this new moon.



Journaling Questions


♋︎ How can I mother myself?

♋︎ What does my inner child need to feel safe?

♋︎ What do I require for my emotions to flow freely?

♋︎ How can I create a safe haven from within?

♋︎ What are my intentions for this new moon and lunar cycle?


Let’s embrace the emotional waves this season, process all the mental activity now through our feelings and ask ourselves: How do I truly feel? Knowing this answer will shift, ebb and flow day to day, moment to moment, just like the moon.



New Moon Circle


Join our online tribe this new moon for a nourishing evening of sisterhood, likehearted women, and learn about astrology, the moon and more. La Luna Circle is a journey throughout the moon and the seasons of the zodiac. A space for you to come as you are.

Learn more about La Luna Circle: 


May you have the courage to face your deepest waters.


Blessed Cancer season,

Inés Kelly




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The void of the new moon in Cancer that you feel at this time deep in your subconscious, it is important to fill it with full confidence, in tune with your emotions and in the comfort of your home or surrounded by your family. The important thing is, that you feel at ease, which is why we want to recommend sustainable accessories that are entirely handmade. 

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