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Wanderlust and Dreamscapes: An Interview with Josephine Marfurt

Wanderlust and Dreamscapes: An Interview with Josephine Marfurt


What is your connection to ByAdushka? Can you tell us the story of how you met and what you love about working with ByAdushka?

A wonderful friend told me about her shopping spree at ByAdushka and mentioned that she had talked to Karin about gift wrapping and illustrations. Following that, I contacted Karin and exchanged a few voice messages. Soon, the first meeting took place at her beautiful store in Zurich. Karin and her team warmly welcomed me, and we gushed about color theory and fabulous fabrics. I appreciate the vibrant mix and the atmospheric ambiance that one finds at ByAdushka.

What is your favorite aspect of the holiday season, and how does it influence your art?

The beautiful lights and the coziness.

What inspires your creative process when designing special holiday-themed illustrations?

The dream world one lived in as a child. I always try to recreate that carefree and sheltered world and to create spaces that I would most like to step into.

Can you share some of your own holiday traditions and how they inspire your artwork?

For three years, I have been drawing an advent calendar for my nieces and nephews. This motivates me to come up with something new each time.

What is your inspiration for your daily outfits, and how do you go about putting your looks together? Are there any specific influences on your personal style?

Beautiful colors and a bit of kitsch should never be missing. But I am also fortunate to be surrounded by very style-conscious people who continually inspire me and kindly lend me their fantastic clothes.

What sensory experiences in your daily life influence your creative work? Can you describe a touch, taste, smell, look, and sound that inspire you?

I love listening to ASMR. How these people touch and explore everyday objects brings a whole new perspective to things. Sometimes I catch myself lightly tapping on things to hear how they sound. It does something to you.

Could you share a daily ritual that helps keep you grounded and focused on your creative endeavors?

Before I start working, I have to create a background noise. It can be music, a podcast, or even a series that I listen to.


Are there any books you are currently reading or music you are listening to that provide inspiration for your art? If so, which ones?

What inspires me more are movies. Recently, I watched "101 Dalmatians" and "The Talented Mr. Ripley" again. Both films showcase fantastic settings and a lot of attention to detail.

What is your wish for the next generation, especially in the context of your artistic work?

I wish that despite the pessimism, they can feel joy and magic and retain it. Personally, drawing has always helped me to immerse myself in a dream world.

Do you have a sentimental piece of clothing with a special story or meaning behind it that you can share with us?

Cashmere sweaters from the 80s, in exceptionally great quality. I would find it hard to part with them.

Can you tell us about a prized possession that you acquired during your travels, such as a ceramic, talisman, beauty product, textile, object, or artwork?

A plastic keychain with the phrase "I'm so totes amazeballs today." I bought it on a trip to Milan with my friend and gave him the same one. Whenever I read this silly phrase, my lips curl up.

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