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The latest addition to By Adushka Family of sustainable luxuries is coming from Georgia and it speaks for our passion to distinctive handcrafted patterns made with passion, soul and imagination. The designer Leko Melashvili started showing her creative flair while designing accessories at the early age of six. She was discovered by her very own grandmother who immersed her into the Art of Making by supplying her with fibers and materials for sewing, knitting and weaving.

Leko’s technic has evolved after years of experimentation and by the means of creative practice. Hence her ornaments are so hard to replicate. Woyoyo bags are the ultimate eco arm candy, made to last beyond one season and never run out of trend, simply because quality natural materials, distinctive handmade shapes and ornaments can never lose their value and authentic charm. 

The Woyoyo bags are perfect for those who are looking to add spice to a minimalistic look and neutral tones. They can be also added to a more artistic bohemian and eclectic look. 

The mystery of the Woyoyo bags is in the handcrafted details, their distinctive strong character and earthy aesthetic. 

Made to bring you joy, daily!