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Santa Lupita is a Germany-based company that was born in 2014 to take the colorful and high quality richness of handmade fashion from Mexico to the rest of the world.

The brand creates contemporary and colorful yet traditional uniqueness to wear for a liberal, cosmopolitan and fashion-conscious generation. As an alternative to mass production, it highlights the real value of handcrafted fashion.

The entire design and production takes place in Mexico and all inputs are sourced there. Each item is handcrafted by one artisan at her own home. This way, artisans in rural areas are incorporated into the workforce without being forced to abandon their communities: no central factories, no sweatshops!

Moreover, the brand’s goal is to help local artisans develop their one-of-a-kind handcraft by sharing with customers all over the world the unique and century-old hand weaving and embroidery tradition, that have been passed from one Mexican generation to another for centuries, which was almost forgotten. Every single item by Santa Lupita is a colorful expression of Mexico ́s rich cultural heritage. The result is high quality handcrafted Folk fashion and home accessories with a traditional yet modern identity.


Watch the exclusive interview with Santa Lupita's founder Jorge Acevedo