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  • Natural Perfumed Home Spray Bragi - Smells Like Spells
  • Natural Perfumed Home Spray Bragi - Smells Like Spells
  • Natural Perfumed Home Spray Bragi - Smells Like Spells
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Smells Like Spells

Perfumed Home Spray Bragi - Smells Like Spells

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Natural Perfumed Home Spray Bragi - Smells Like Spells 

We devote this handcrafted perfumed home spray to the Norse god of inspiration Bragi. We believe that a simple meditation/affirmation ritual (its description is included with the home spray) and Bragi’s help and inspiration might help to:

  • Reveal creative powers;
  • Develop intuition, hear your inner voice;
  • Awaken talents and skills;
  • Inspire artists and creators.

In Norse mythology Bragi, the god of eloquence and poetry, inspired people to create poetry by giving them a drink of mead of poetry, made from the blood of Kvasir, the god of inspiration.

The unique formula of this perfumed home spray was created in accordance with all the major perfumery canons. At first the fragrance pyramid will revealhead notes of basil, fig and hemp, rich and intense notes of water lily followed by luxurious notes of labdanum, sandalwood, opium, white musk and our little formula secrets. The aroma at home will be changing over time. By just one additional fresh spray you will be able to relive the aroma journey from the first to the very last scent.

Main Fragrances

- Head notes: Basil, Fig, Hemp - Heart note: Water lily - Base notes: Labdanum resinoid, Opium, Sandalwood, White musk


7 × 7 × 20 cm


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