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The Label Edition

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White Malone Shirt - The Label Edition

White Malone Cotton Shirt - The Label Edition

Make sure you have in your wardrobe this exclusive classic white shirt. It features long that close with a cuff and a classic row of front buttons; it comes with a matching tie so you can play around with it as you feel. Versatility at its best!

The Label Edition is the result of a strong desire to create a concept centered around trends and ethical fashion. The garments reflect female deliverance and a rebellion against restraint. In each piece, you will find an energy of effortless elegance in honor of the women and resilient personalities that most inspire us.
Women of all ages can enjoy relaxed and comfortable fits, faux leather pieces and oversized garments. Timelessness, ethics, honesty, and exclusivity are the backbones that drive The Label Edition.


100% Organic Cotton


Different sizes available