Miss Molly small handcrafted bag - The Jacksons

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The handcrafted bag 'Miss Molly' by The Jacksons is unique, natural and environmentally friendly. It is made of jute - a very strong fibre which makes the natural bag not only exceptional but also durable. The jute bags are crafted without the use of electricity or machinery. The harvested, soaked, and later on dried out jute becomes twisted into jute cord - the skillful artisans can extend the cord up to 100 km in length a day! The dyed jute is used to hand made the macrame bags on the basis of The Jacksons' design patterns. The jute bag can look perfect with both summer dress and a coat. The handmade bag is a great accessory for shopping or a trip outside the city. 
Composition: 100% jute
Colours: multicoloured
Size: S

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