Blue midi dress - My Sleeping Gypsy

SFr. 549.00 

The blue, linen midi dress is crafted by My Sleeping Gypsy, using traditional Ukrainian cross-stitch embroidery and Pukhlik technique visible on the shoulder. The voluminous balloon sleeves, 4 double tassels, and a handmade Zbiranka, which adorns the neckline, make it a perfect boho-chic outfit. The product designed by My Sleeping Gypsy is fastened with buttons, so you can wear it as a dress or an unbuttoned gown. The blue, linen dress has 2 side pockets, a belt with 2 double tassels, and a rich, handmade embroidery, which consists of the white and black colors. 

Composition: 100% linen

Size: XS

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