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Turquoise , Red and White Handwoven Ikat Maxi Dress - Olga Mul

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Easy to wear every day and every where, this Handwoven Ikat Maxi dress from Mul Olga is 100% made by organic cotton gauze.
It features an adjustable round neckline, balloon sleeves and a wide skirt.
You can wear this multicolored dress with one of our Lola Hat and Belle Ikat Shoes.


The most important charateristic of this suit is that the fabric is made by plants that grow in UNESCO protected ground, where it’s not allowed to use any chemicals. This makes our Handowen Hadras Ikat unique and charateristic.
Ikat is a term for a fabric, which is hand-dyed using a resist dying method and handwoven on
wooden looms using the century’s old traditions of ikat weaving. The ikat weaving traditions have  been passing for generations from a master to an apprentice, from a father to a son. Each centimeter of the fabric is a mix of a humble work interwoven into the ikat pattern and a resulting tactile luxury.

Making atlas and adras is not so easy - it is a complex multi-stage process, which today employs about 3,000 people from families of artisans and their students. Families create an active chain of production stages: from breeding silkworms to yarn, and to the final product.
For more than 1,000 years traditional craftsmen have been making Ikat Adras (also named as Adras or Atlas) in Central Asia.


Composition: 100% Organic Cotton Gauze

Size: Gr = 34-46 / Tg = 38-50

Color: turquoise, red and white

Contact us for more colours and shapes.




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