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Roberta | Our Head of Communication

Roberta | Our Head of Communication



Meet By Adushka's Head of Communication - Roberta

By Arianna Cini


Strong, charismatic and tireless. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Vesuvius is not only a distinctive element of her land but is part of her.
Born in Naples, Italy, Roberta de Martino is an aspirant Fashion Event Producer who ended her studies last year at Moodart Fashion School in Verona. 

Her passion for the world of fashion begins from another passion which is part of her life: music. Since she was very young she used to listen and watch concerts of her favorite singers: she was enchanted by the looks that the artists showed on the stage when they performed and on the red carpets as well. 

From that moment on, she understood that she had to unite these two worlds. 

During her course of study.  she had the chance to be part of the Milan Fashion Week, Calzedonia Shows in Verona, Pitti Bimbo in Florence, where music, fashion and art mixed, just like she imagined. Thank's to these experiences she acquired the skills and the inspiration to continue in this journey.

 Today Roberta is part of By Adushka Team as Head Of Communication: she mainly takes care of Social Media and Newsletter; what she loves more about By Adushka is its values and the trust that there's in the team.




We asked Roberta to share her favourite styles this season:

“Is there anything more beautiful than tradition? My favorite brand is undoubtedly Belle Ikat; I recently wrote an article about the techniques they use and I was struck by the uniqueness of these garments. They are produced in very small quantities, making it an honor to wear them. I also love them for their patterns; the light pastel colors remind me of the shades of the sea; they remind me of my home, Naples. The versatility of these dresses is unique, I really like the idea that you can style them however you like; as a kimono or as an overcoat - just like Obidi's Kimono Dresses, which I adore madly.

Another dress that perfectly represents myself is the “Braille Short Dress” in pearl white of My Sleeping Gypsy. As well as really liking this dress, I am very passionate about the brand as I can see myself in its values.

And last but not the least; another thing that will certainly not be missing from my wardrobe this summer are the Momoní Bikini and the Trifoglio Shoes!

The elegance of that bikini, despite its simplicity, is something unique. Just look at the shoes and you can feel their comfort; their vintage charm reminds me of my grandmother's old photos - an absolute must have for summer 2021.”



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