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Sam Maler

Sam Maler is an artist based in Basel, Switzerland.

She started collaging four years ago, working with exiting basic forms and putting them into a different context; a completely different approach of having to create a work of art from scratch. "It requires mental agility not to be guided by the statement of the by the statement of the existing" - she explained. Sam Maler describes her artworks as a a form of expression of her black humor, the slightly different view of things, but also a certain world-weariness. Her collages then become a mix of everything she finds within her. She is not only an artist, but she also works as a coach - she usually accompanies creative people you are in a crisis. Everything revolves around her great passion: art.

What we at By Adushka love the most about her, is that she is always driven by endless curiosity and creative energy.


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