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A symphony of colors. An explosion of light. Each Amambaih creation tells a story of the rich heritage, traditional artisanry and unyielding passion that imbues it. Unique, sculptural creations inspired by a desire to bring about change. Designed in Paris. Woven in Paraguay. Handcrafted in Spain.

Mariela Montiel's journey to unearth her Paraguayan roots led her to the artisans of Paraguay, particularly the Maka tribe, stirring a profound connection. Moved by their plight amid economic and health crises, she envisioned a means to empower these communities. Enraptured by their artistry and resilience, she conceived a footwear line to champion their craft and culture.

A symphony of gestures weaves through the air as artisans masterfully blend threads of vivid hues, each stitch a tribute to their legacy. Fabrics, handwoven in Paraguay, grace Amambaih creations, infusing them with resilience and allure. Guided by Fair Trade principles, these fabrics find new life in Spanish workshops, honoring tradition and sustainability.

Amambaih is a story steeped in passion, imbued with poetry and rich with promise. Singular pieces designed to support people and the planet.

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