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Hotel Vitznauerhof - Switzerland

Hotel Vitznauerhof - Switzerland

How to celebrate in style

The launch of By Adushka and an interview with Raphael Herzog, Manager of Hotel Vitznauerhof

Interview by Tsitaliya Mircheva

When it comes to planning a chic and exquisite party there is no other place like Hotel Vitznauerhof. They know how to throw a fashionable event there, playing it like Mr. Gatsby, the master of extravagant lavish parties!
This, the hotel unique location, and its interior design felt without a doubt like the right match for the fabulous launch party of our brand By Adushka.
Situated in a picturesque bay at Lake Lucerne and at the foot of the Rigi Mountain, the Vitznauerhof Hotel is a beloved place of ours. It’s a symbol of utter style, class, grace and irresistible charm, and of course exclusive fashion parties, where you’ll see some of the most elegant women and gentlemen in Switzerland.
Today we want to share with you an exclusive interview from our content editor, Tsitaliya Mircheva, with Raphael Herzog, the accomplished Hotel Manager of the Vitznauerhof. The interview took place right before the ‘By Adushka’ launch. We hope you find it an enjoyable read:

Tsitaliya: Hello Raphael, I am so excited for the party tonight! Can you share what you have in store for us?
Raphael Herzog: The Hotel Vitznauerhof has a tradition for throwing fashionable parties and every April or May we usually throw a party to open the summer season. This year, due to the current circumstances, we had to cancel our plans, but then we re- organized a new event, complying to the regulations of course!
Tonight we’re hosting a garden party and the ‘By Adushka’ Team and Friends have the best table right by the lake! The dinner will be seated and we’ll be providing different food stands with many kinds of gourmet food. Our Chef, Jeroen Achtien, a Michelin Star innovative culinary artist, has created some amazing recipes for tonight. We’ve invited a live band from San Tropez to create an idyll night vibe! Later in the evening we’ll head inside to the dance floor with DJ Tanja La Croix.

Tsitaliya: Tell me a little more about the Vitznauerhof, what makes it such a special place?
Raphael Herzog: The Hotel Vitznauerhof is already unique with its location, directly on the shore of Lake Luzern, at the foothills of Mountain Rigi.
Our hotel is almost 120 years old. Next year we’re going to celebrate its jubilee. Three years ago we renovated the hotel and with an entire new team turned it into a lifestyle hotel. This means we have the amazing Sens Michelin restaurant at the lake, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset every night. We have a really good SPA with a wide variety of therapies. People can arrive at Vitznau by steam boat, which is an exciting experience, or rent a paddle board to go around the lake.
Most Swiss hotels are quite traditional, but we have an international vibe. Some of the famous names this hotel has hosted in the past are Herman Hesse, Richard Strauss, Paul Klee and Princess Gina of Lichtenstein. Today our team has new ideas and we like to bring them to life. My team and I call ourselves ‘The Cool Kids at the Lake’. We are doers. This is a big part of our success story. We also like to host Launch events for new products, labels and fashion brands and photoshoots. 

Tsitaliya: How would you describe the style of the Vitznauerhof Hotel?

Raphael Herzog: A few years ago we renovated the entire place, mixing the old historic parts (including the painting on the ceiling of the lobby and the wooden floors), with some new modern furniture, fabrics and art like this light installation at the bar. We kept, of course, the romantic garden outside and just added some little pleasures so the guests can enjoy the view and relax. The interior designer is Mr. Thöny from Lichtenstein. 

Tsitaliya: I also hear the food over here is outstanding!
Raphael Herzog: Yes, in the last 3 years we’ve been working with a young chef who used to be the Head Chef at the best 3-star Michelin restaurant in Holland. His name is Jeroen Achtien and he really is an artist when it comes to food.

Sens restaurant

Tsitaliya: Finally, Karin (founder of By Adushka), how did you discover this hotel yourself? Do you remember your first visit here?
Karin Kämpf: I came here for the first time only a year ago. My friend Julia Faulhaber kept telling me about this amazing hotel I had to visit and one day spontaneously we decided to come and spend the day here. It was also my birthday that day, so my family joined too. It was all together: a work meeting, a leisure afternoon and finally my birthday celebration. We had a great time: we
paddled along the lake, swam and in the evening we dressed up and had dinner outside! I had a wonderful time. The staff here is so kind and everything is so chic, luxurious but at the same time it’s easy going and not formal!


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