Hallwilersee - Switzerland

Hallwilersee - Switzerland

Must Visit Places in Switzerland


The Hallwilersee, one of our favourite locations in Switzerland this summer


by Tsitaliya Mircheva


As a company whose values are all about sustainability, conscious wardrobes and living, and slow local and ethical production, you will immediately understand our love and admiration for nature and the connection we cherish with the gifts of our planet Earth.


This year with the global pandemic forcing most of us to stay local and explore our own homeland, the By Adushka team is eager and enthusiastic to share several exciting places with you that we believe are must-visit spots within Switzerland. We hope this article will give you some exciting ideas for travelling in Switzerland this summer!


Today we're offering you a look into the Hallwilersee and its magnificent shores...

Lake Hallwil is located in the Seetal, a north-south valley that leads from the Lucerne hinterland to Lenzburg. The shores around Lake Hallwil have not been built on, and so present a most attractive trail around the lake and an impressive natural landscape. The reed zones along the lake are a protected nature reserve.


There are several bathing beaches around the lake and many of them offer a wide range of water sports. You can also book a 20km circular hike of the lake with a boat trip. In addition to the scheduled boat service, there are also special tours like Sunday brunch trips, a gourmet ride or a Father Christmas trip. Wedding excursions are also popular because of the romantic setting.


You can also find many quieter spots around the lake where you can enjoy a picnic with family and friends.



One of our favourite places to stay when visiting the region is the Seerose Resort and SPA. Located on Lake Hallwil, right at the Meisterschwanden ship pier, this wellness hotel has some of the most romantic panoramic views and offers world-class treatments like their Canon Thai Spa and rainforest showers.


Another must see highlight is the Hallwyl Castle. Built in the 11th century, itâTMs one of the foremost water castles in Switzerland and is located at the northern end of Lake Hallwil on two islands in the Aabach Creek near Seengen.



In its more than eight hundred year history, the water castle was the seat of the von Hallwyl family. A tour of the castle takes visitors through eleven different exhibits explaining life in the Middle Ages and later times. As part of the audio guide, some family members talk about what life was like, interspersed with comments from other simpler folk, such as the farmers and the subjects of the Hallwyl family. A special audio tour is also available for children.


Another place that is
 not to be missed is the Frauenbadi Seengen, located at the northern end of Lake Hallwil. The pool and surroundings, which clearly honour the old times and cultural heritage, still hold some nostalgia and romantic memories of times when men and women couldnâTMt attend the same seaside resort. Now, of course, both are allowed to relax together on the warm wooden floorboards and enjoy the view of the Alps, away from the grill-fires and bathing dogs on the Brestenbergwiese.



Finally, we highly recommend a visit to the Straw Museum in the Park, which is dedicated to the history of the Freiamt hat weaving industry. No other region in the world produced such fine hat sets in the 19th century as in the Freiamt in Aargau. Straw, a modest material, was the basis of a thriving industry in the area for two centuries. What started as home-work gradually developed into an export-oriented hat weaving industry.


When you visit the museum you take an exciting journey through time, from rural handicrafts in the 18th and 19th centuries to industrial mass production for the capricious international fashion market, to the decline of the industry in the last quarter of the 20th century.


Children between the ages of 5 and 9 have their own tour of the collection, where they can discover the straw museum in their own special way.