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Es Racó D'Artà - Illes Balears

Es Racó D'Artà - Illes Balears

Breathe, follow your inner harmony and listen to the song of frogs and birds. 

By Adushka is all about being, feeling and creativity. After so long in isolation, we felt a strong desire to spend our shoot for some of the beloved items from the spring summer collection with our friends in a place that offers us to be in the present moment, to discover what is real and what is authentic.



Nature is an omnipresent part of this magic place and we invite you to join us, to listen to nature, let yourself be nourished by the symphony of silence and inspired and guided by our proposals of slow fashion designers.


Feel their love in every detail and in the natural fabrics on your skin


We invite you to share these moments of awareness and happiness with us.



Nestled in the Levant Natural Park, in a quiet valley protected by the mountains and just a stone's throw from the picturesque town of Artà and the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, sustainability-minded Mallorcan architects and friends Antoni Esteva and Jaume Danus created a hideaway that reflects the soul of Mallorca and its genuine life.



The 13th century finca was a lonely ruin in 1960. Years later, Es Racò d'Artà embraces us as an extremely tasteful, authentic and respectfully designed retreat with its wonderful people, and of respect to design, authenticity and a spectacular landscape.




All the materials used by Antoni and Jaume for the construction and renovation are completely natural and recycled.



Start the day to the song of frogs and birds with a meditation at sunrise, which invites us to recharge our batteries and attract positive energy. Surrounded by water, after the exercise we can take a dip in the pool or in the turquoise sea next to the protected coves of Cala Torta and Cala Mesquida.



The Breakfast at Es Racò d'Artà includes a large offer of their homemade honey and  organically grown products form their own garden and neighboring regional fincas. While the seasonal dinner, is served in the courtyard by candlelight, you planning the next day.



On a clear, calm day, there is the opportunity to explore the golf course, just minutes away, make a hike through her own terrain which covers 185 hectares of natural land including beautiful mountains and forests of oak trees, wild olive trees, carob, pines, and the odd cypress.



Further through her organically farmed land or we can explore perhaps the Saturday market in the nearby picturesque town of Artà.



Ask Maria or a member of the extremly friendly and helpful Es Racó d'Artà family for a yoga session, a workshop to deepen your presence, awareness, harmony, and happiness, or maybe you just want to enjoy the tranquility, the nature and relaxing by the pool?



The 34 rooms are divided into 8 suites of about 45mq with patio and/or individual terrace and 21 casitas of 112 mq with private terrace. 5 of them with private pool and exude peace and tranquility. Contemporary art and vintage found objects contrast with whitewashed walls and wooden beams.



We wish you to let the nature silence nourish, nurture, and guide you. Let your journey be genuine, sincere, and playful. Let life itself astonish and enrich you and join our free thinking By Adushka community.



Useful information

Address: Cami dels Racó, Carretera de Cala Mitjana Km. 1,5 07570, Artà, Illes Balears
Phone: +34 971 83 66 73

Visit the Es Racó D'Artà



We wish you a wonderful stay at Es Racó D'Artà and hope you will enjoy it as much as we did!




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