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Cas Gasi - Ibiza

Cas Gasi - Ibiza

When we arrived at the Boutique Hotel Cas Gasi, Margaret Von Korff, her husband and their friendly staff greeted us with a warm welcome next to a crackling fireplace. The couple restored this stunning 19th-century farmhouse surrounded by 450 olive trees, orange groves, and a sprinkling of fig trees with a deep dedication to its Ibicenco legacy. Paintings from island artists, elegant antiques, bohemian vibes and white-washed walls set the scene for a luxurious getaway that feels like visiting a dear friend’s joyous Mediterranean retreat.



‘A hotel for people who don’t like hotels’ - by Condé Nast Traveler


Cas Gasi Boutique Hotel is the perfect option if you feel you need a break or change in your life. You know that you will be in a space away from the crowds, in contact with nature, breathing clean air, doing exercise and eating healthy organic food. Just take a break and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings lush Mediterranean gardens and the best views that only Cas Gasi can give you.



It will be up to you to choose the nest that will pamper you during your unforgettable stay: at your disposal there are family rooms, various types of suites and the Ibizan villas, which are located in the most private area of Cas Gasi and offer a luxurious and exclusive stay surrounded by the authentic essence of Ibiza.



It's all about sustainability, which is the watchword at Cas Gasi and was originally the main reason that made us choose this hotel. Here, guests can eat organically certified produce from the garden, swim in the saltwater swimming pool and enjoy wildlife in its protected natural habitat. An additional service this wonderful village offers are yoga classes and spa treatments for guests, treats that will make your experience at this one-in-a-million hotel even more magical.


A true home away from home, a stay at Cas Gasi is guaranteed to make guests feel not only relaxed, but also healthy.



In keeping with the hotel’s ethos, all produce is locally sourced, with much of it coming directly from the onsite, certified organic garden. We are speaking about the Cas Gasi Silent Garden: a regenerative farming project inspired by the no-dig garden system, which dispenses with all machinery and opts for simple, artisanal methods that respect natural rhythms and health.

Here, the plantations have been carefully chosen and organized to cover all the restaurant's needs. The place understands biodiversity as a heterogeneous materialisation of our well-being and that of the living beings around us.


The Silent Garden invites visitors to use the 
space in tranquillity. It is used for pleasant contemplation in solitude, but also for intimate parties, unique concerts, attractive readings, spontaneous meditations or idle moments: activities that this cultivated space also wishes to nurture.


The space consciously seeks constant collaboration and deep connection between all its participants. Tiny bacteria, industrious earthworms, busy bees, idle frogs and curious humans are welcome here as wandering friends of the resident plants and trees.


The Silent Orchard is a "seed space" that responds to the deep human desire for all beings to live together harmoniously on this planet.


It is as suitable a place as any other to sow the seed of our peaceful will and to observe all the forms, colours, flavours and smells in which this will can manifest itself.



Cas Gasi Ibiza presents a new gastronomic space in which the love for natural, organic and sustainable cuisine are the gastronomic bases of our cuisine. We had the honour to be guided through the silent garden by the Chef Luigi, himself, which we all enjoyed immensely and will remember forever. His love for the plants and wild spices touched us all deeply and reminded us of our love for fabrics and crafts.

Chef Luigi proposes a unique restaurant, where gastronomy lovers will be able to enjoy lively, wild and healthy cuisine, maintaining exquisite flavours and the best quality thanks to local and organic products at km0.


Explore the luxury of simplicity in a rural atmosphere through one of the best restaurants in Ibiza 



Natural materials and colours follow the island’s traditions. From this important starting point, creativity and inspiration have been at work. Splashes of colour were added and there, here by creating an evolving environment where iconic pieces of furniture, antique family pieces and other meaningful works from vintage recuperation sites, local antiquity shops and auction houses, every now and then, eventually find a new home.


Such simple words for a huge concept


Cas Gasi Ibiza fascinated us with its abundance of natural resources: the fertile land, the pristine well water, the stubbornness of its trees... The climate is usually mild, allowing for winters full of sunny days and outdoor life. The beautiful views stretching over half the island have a relaxing and healing effect and the continuous contact with nature creates awareness, a feeling of the here and now. The property's agriculture dictates the timing of each season, as does the care of the olive groves, orchards and roses.



The beauty of the island and its location, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and natural beaches, within easy reach of European cities, make it one of the best travel destinations in the world. This magnificent hotel cannot fail to be one of your next summer destinations this year, see below a special surprise for all our By Adushka friends:



We are happy to share this discount code with you and we invite you to share these moments of belonging, awareness and happiness with us.


Useful information

Address: Camino Viejo de Sant Mateu, s/n, 07814 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, Balearic Islands, Spain
Phone: +34 971 19 77 00

Visit the website here!







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