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Summer Party: The Morning After

Summer Party: The Morning After


Have you purchased your ticket for By Adushka Summer Party
on the 19th of June o
r perhaps you are our loyal customer and you are already invited?! 

Here is one more great we want to share with you: 

Consider joining our 



with Eileen & Esther

on the morning after our Summer Party! 

Down in the garden of Vitznauerhof by the Vierwaldstättersee!




Celebrating yourself and life is a must.

For the soul, the spirit, the community and the love of everything

that is beautiful and happy. In the spirit of 'La vita è bella’.


 Balance is a central element in life. Self-love and self-care are essential building blocks in order to be able to constantly draw from your own strength without burning out. This includes a healthy connection to oneself, nature and life itself. Those who anchor their roots deep in the earth can reach far into the sky in their leaves.


For this reason, after an exuberant evening, we cordially invite the guests of ByAdushka to take time with us on Sunday morning to strengthen and deepen this connection. An exclusive Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Soundbath Detox Session awaits you and helps your body, soul and spirit to invigorate strength and inner peace, so that you can start the new week strengthened and balanced.


Kundalini Yoga is meditation in motion. It is the connection with the deep breath as a source of strength and purification tool. It is suitable for everyone and does not require any prior education or physical training. With Kundalini you look inward, learn to hear your body, to read, to find your own rhythm and individual intensity.


Eileen leads the lesson with the knowledge of an experienced yoga teacher & entrepreneur who unites both worlds and acts out of the deep connection to your body, nature and the heart of the people.

Esther creates magical journeys into the self from sound, meditation and human understanding.

Together you create a very special experience. You will be enchanted.



↓ Find out more about the Eileen and Esther 




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