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Private Styling with Luisa Rossi

Private Styling with Luisa Rossi

"Privat Styling Klein & Fein"

As most of you may know Luisa Rossi is a Personal Shopper, a Stylist, a Lifestyle Coach, as well as a Youtuber - her Vlog has almost 7,000 subscribers and the views of her latest videos average more than 14,000 views.  

Her name has become synonymous of style, elegance and success - making Luisa a true fashion icon in Switzerland. By Adushka is very proud to collaborate with an influencer like her and has make her the protagonist of an event held on April 8th at Atelier Roshi.  

During the "Privat Styling Klein & Fein" Event, Luisa put together several outfits from the latest By Adushka collection, styling different pieces in many ways that can be suitable for any occasion. She showed how to create with one piece several looks without much fuss, looking chic and elegant. If you miss the event and you're curious about it, you can check out the IGTV on our Instagram page.




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Would you like to know more about the important advices Luisa Rossi gave us during the "Privat Styling Klein und Fein" event? Are you curious? 


↓ Here you can find a list that underpins Luisa's ideology ↓



1. Shoes are by far the most important accessory in a woman's outfit, as they have the ability to change the whole look. Try wearing an outfit you like and change your shoes, you will see how much this accessory can change the whole look.

2. Mix masculinity with femininity for a super cool look; you should absolutely try this match!

3. What could be more important than a blazer in the wardrobe? The blazer has the power to completely change a look, it can be cool, chic or sexy. It is an absolute must have!

4. It's always a hotly debated topic, but trust me, white goes well with cream!

5. The most important thing about a dress is its fabric, and there are no better fabrics than the garments by By Adushka! The fabric should be soft and fall smoothly over the body; no matter what your body type is, with a soft dress you will look divine!


 What are you waiting for? Have fun with Luisa Rossi's tips we gave you! 

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