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Basel Pop Up

Basel Pop Up

By Adushka loves to share emotions, smiles, creativity and a love for slow fashion with you, which is why we want to share with you some shots of the opening party of our boutique in Basel. Three days during which those present had the opportunity to get sneak peaks on our wide Fall Winter 2022 collection. A lucky chance to get a preview on all the collections of our sustainable brands and discover the inspiration behind them. 

Obviously there was no shortage of Italian drinks, food and pastries.


A plunge into the world of slow fashion and our community! 



Making this day unique was Julie, a personal shopper that many of you will probably know for being the person who radiates the most joy in the world, who was on hand to give you the best fashion tips for this fall-winter! Tsitaliya and Evelin were also be there.  At the event we breathed in the autumn air, welcoming the new season in full #ByAdushkaStyle!



"Growing up in New York has led to a life long love of suits, and even though I no longer live there this fashionable piece has followed me to Basel. This season my favourite fashion staple is given an ultra feminine twist with a subtle slit only visible when the look is in motion. Pair it with a soft silk blouse and a loosely tied ‘cravat’ and voila, the perfect fall look for running from school pick, to work meetings, and cocktails with friends." - Julie Roux



Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello and to all those who always follow and support us!

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