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This summer Wedding Guest dress code

This summer Wedding Guest dress code

Celebrate Love this season and beyond with By Adushka artisanal dresses

By Tsitaliya Mircheva


After so many weddings were put on hold last year, this spring and summer couples are kicking wedding plans into high gear. With Covid-19 vaccinations, lifted restrictions and changing mask rules, people are ready to party like it’s, well, any year other than 2020.

If you have already received an invitation for a summer party or a wedding, or perhaps planning a sweet re-union with girlfriends somewhere around the world, then you certainly are thinking what to wear for that special occasion.

But before you start browsing for that special dress, we want you to take a moment to think, to feel inspired and to choose with your heart and soul.

When it comes to shopping, one thing By Adushka wants to bring to women is not only a beautiful quality and timeless product, but also a story, an emotion that inspires and uplifts, that makes you feel connected to yourself. Because this is how you can feel comfortable and confident in your own skin wherever you go.


For us, wearing By Adushka dress, is a declaration of individuality.


Allow us to introduce you some of the best timeless pieces from our collection:


1. The most Captivating of all: the Braille Dress

The Braille Dress s a clever interpretation of the current times, a moment in our life when we are all walking in the unknown with eyes wide shut. A moment when we feel helpless, scared, when logic and analytical mind does not make much sense of what’s happening. This dress is a reminder that even when we feel lost in the dark, there is still a path we can take, the path of our intuition, reconnecting with our feelings, opening our hearts and following a language that speaks to the blind only. Can you recognise the alphabet? The masterfully crafted ornaments and the braille embroidered words representing the four elements of nature that remind of the sacred unity between nature and human: Fire, Earth, Water and Spirit.

The volume and layers of embroideries, the appliqués, the different types of cross stitch and beads you can see in each Braille dress are meant to give a sense of storytelling and hidden meaning to everything that’s on the surface of life. Those layers bring depth, poetry, sacredness and the soft touch we’ve been longing for.




This masterpiece by My Sleeping Gypsy is created by artisans in Ukraine, using the finest of linen fabric. In the 19th century the ex Soviet Union was famous for its flax export, which was used for the production of linen fibres and beautiful home textiles at that time. Today finding flax Russian linen is not easy, but My Sleeping gypsy is using exactly that kind of authentic linen for their dresses.

As you can see there is so much depth and story in one dress, which transforms this pieces into a lucky charm, an Amulet Dress that has its own language. Without a doubt this is hero pieces for your wardrobe, a good luck charm, that has the power to protect you from trouble and evil eyes. Go ahead, try it on, feel the fabric, touch the Braille hand stitched words, see how it makes you feel and make your decision!



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2. An absolute eye-catcher: the Belle Ikat Silk Kaftans

Once you try the Belle Ikat silk kaftan on, it becomes impossible to compromise with any other fabric you will ever wear. The soft enveloping feeling, the sensual touch of the exclusive silk, the texture and the colours are an experience of its own. The Belle Ikat kaftans and dresses are meant for fashion connoisseurs, for women who are in touch with themselves, aware of the slightest detail, starting with texture, fabric and colour and finishing with the way the dress embraces your natural curves, flowing in complete harmony with the body movements.


When you try the Belle Ikat Kaftan you immediately understand that there is fashion in this world designed to liberate women from any expectations about how they should look. There is no effort in fitting into a dress, there is no restriction of the way the body moves. But there is playfulness, there is sensuality and exclusivity. For anyone who loves handmade, ethical and innovative fashion design, the Belle Ikat is for you. Inspired by the original and colourful draftsmanship of such accomplished artists as Picasso or Matisse, the Belle Ikat limited editions are produced in Germany from 100% organic, chemical-free, and high-quality materials.




The unique pattern of the Belle Ikat kaftans and dresses is based on the Uzbek Ikat mastery and the way the raw silk is treated, refined and dyed. It is a long way and a complex process from the raw silk to the finished garment: it takes two weeks to produce a 40 centimeter wide fabric.

The Malay name Ikat means "to bind", "to wrap around" and refers to the special dyeing technique: Individual sections of the strands are tied with wax or cords made of plant fibers. When immersed in the dye bath, these sections remain raw white, characteristic patterns emerge - from step-like stripes to geometric structures. Uzbek ikat masters only dye the warp thread, the cross weft thread remains untreated.



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Make your choice amongst our favourites:








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