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The time for healers has arrived

The time for healers has arrived

A journey to Switzerland to Baden on a late spring day in the freshness of our By Adushka showroom with our friends; Tsitalyia Mircheva journalist and Inés Kelly; Human Design Reader, Astrologer and Shamanic Healer.



This magical place founded by the Romans, more than 2000 years old, surrounded by ancient trees, 18 healing mineral water sources and the river Limmat, seems to be the best place for our shooting of the just arrived "the healers" collection by Santa Lupita, a Berlin based designer with Mexican roots.



The healers collection 2022 was inspired by the crave for balance, inner peace and healing in arising during challenging times. The return to nature, the emerging quest for "slower" and "more meaningful"; an enforced self-esteem and the need to introspect and discover what really matters are its main influences. Inés Kelly Shamanic Healer and regular columnist in our blog journal lifestyle was our most favourite person to present you this collection rates this balance by combining the complexity and precision of handcrafted embroideries and traditional weaving with clear and sober lines. As usual, colorful and folkloric patterns set their signature on fresh and soft natural fibers, guaranteeing a sense of joy, comfort and freshness for the summer.



Inés writes monthly for By Adushka editorial how women can work and live in alignment with the moon cycles. She shares some useful tips, rituals and offers support how to understand our feelings and emotions during new and full moon times.



In addition to being an astrologer, Inés is a healer and Human Design Reader who helps women reconnect with themselves and reach a new level of understanding and guidance when it comes to their purpose and living their truth. Through the contemplation and analysis of her birth chart, Inés guides women through the challenges of their life experiences, helping them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses and develop a better sense of themselves.



Read here Tsitalyia Mircheva's article about her feelings and vibes during the shoot and discover what she mention about when it comes to expressing ourselves and living our authentic personalities, who we are and who we want to become...
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