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Sustainability in Fashion

Sustainability in Fashion

There is no planet B

by Arianna Cini


Earth, our home planet, is a world unlike any other. 

We have to remember that Earth is the only planet in our galaxy that can support life and we should treat it with respect, it's our home.

The Earth needs our urgent attention - about 7.3 million hectares of forest are destroyed each year and we are losing so many of nature’s natural resources/species every day, like for example insects, bees, butterflies and so on. Another huge problem is water depletion: according to studies by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. And ecosystems around the world will suffer even more than now.

Not to mention the overload of the atmosphere and of ocean waters with carbon, a problem that leads to pollution and especially global warming. 

We all know the problems that Earth is facing and we can't afford waiting. We need to act now - because there is no plan B


With ByAdushka we changed the way of consumption, using artisanal and sustianble fabrics only; it's a new way of making fashion and we invite you to be part of our attempt to change things.

Buy sustainable - Buy handcraft fashion - Be conscious of your buying choices

Start the change from your wardrobe!


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Behind every brand selected by ByAdushka there is a detailed choice made by the founder and CEO Karin Kämpf; each brand in its own way makes its own contribution to improving or better curbing certain problems related to the environment or society. 

On the occasion of World Earth Day 2021, ByAdushka asked the brands it works with what sustainability means to them, and the answers are very interesting. 




Isabella Stadler, founder and CEO of Belle Ikat, explains her vision of sustainability in the fashion industry: explaining the main problem - overproduction. 

“People are producing and consuming much more than our planet can stand, chasing cheap solutions and a trendy flash in the pan with no regard to resources. But there is good news. More and more big and small fashion names are dealing with this problem and searching for better ways to be gorgeous, wearing amazing clothes without regrets. We from Belle Ikat believe in transition to a new type of making sustainable fashion. Not only we create long-lasting fabrics, handwoven with love and tradition in small manufactures, but also value and respect all the production links of the supply chain, including our whole community. “ 

Belle Ikat started out as a small collection, which turned into a limited edition brand, offering customers unique designs. 

“But Belle Ikat is more than just a brand, it is a mission” - explains Isabella - “with it we also empower the people who make the clothes, especially the women, supporting them with fair and resource-saving working conditions.”


Check out our favorite Belle Ikat sustainable items: 



So what does it mean to wear a Belle Ikat item? It means owning an item of clothing made with unique Ikat fabrics created with ancient Uzbek techniques - exclusive natural fabrics which are wearable for years not losing their charme, color or cuts. 

“A timeless piece of clothing.”

Belle Ikat enables the support of traditional embroidery and weaving-art. Fairness, loyalty to our customers, manufacturers and nature is the major issue to the label Belle Ikat.




Phisique du Role is also a brand known for being planet-conscious.

“Our greenness comes from many small but important gestures put together” - explains Alessandra Bellelli, founder and CEO of the brand.

Initially, they drastically reduced the use of hangers and committed to transport their clothes in less bulky boxes, thus reducing the use of cardboard and CO2 emissions - filling more trucks. As far as raw materials are concerned, PDR uses recycled materials, such as recycled plastic bottles or waste pulp from trees so as not to cut new ones - which are then dyed in Italy, in Carpi.


Have a look at our amazing Phisique du Role items:  



New this years at Phisique du Role is the introduction of a completely no-waste children's line, where large scraps of fabric (even those from previous seasons) are reused instead of being thrown away. Petit du Role is sold only online and shipped in a box made of recycled cardboard that can be personalized by the child; the garments are shipped without being wrapped in plastic, therefore totally no waste. 

Keep up the amazing work Phisique du Role!




And what is sustainability for My Sleeping Gypsy?

“Sustainability has always been at the core of My Sleeping Gypsy. The brand was founded on sustainable principles, using only natural locally sourced materials, along with hand-crafted construction and decoration techniques that have been passed down through generations of Vyshyvanka heritage. Each item is lovingly produced in the My Sleeping Gypsy atelier by dedicated skilled craftspeople who take great pride in their work. It is this care and attention along with construction techniques which are rarely used in the fashion industry, due to their laborious nature, which gives the garments their exceptional longevity, maintaining the beauty of the item over time.”


Don't forget to click on our My Sleeping Gypsy sustainable items: 


“We all wear clothes. We all share one environment. When you choose which clothes to wear you make a contribution to this environment.
We believe that the world doesn’t need more clothes, it needs better clothes. We care to be enviromentalista more than fashionista.”

Nina Leuca is a brand that is 100% made in Italy; the founder Benedetta Rossi explains that "Linen base and cotton inserts are loom made with an ancient tecnique typical from our area Salento, the southern part of Apulia region. So either fabrics and craftmanships are made in Italy and we self produce our garments in our atelier so we can better follow every single step of the process and guarantee they are made respecting waste, nature and best work conditions.”

This is exactly what makes Nina Leuca a unique and worthy brand to collaborate with By Adushka. 


Check out our favorite Nina Leuca sustainable items: 



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And for those who buy ByAdushka clothes, what role does sustainability play in fashion?

Are you curious? Tap on the box to visit their Instagram profiles


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 And what does the team of ByAdushka think about sustainability? 





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By Adushka choice of brands is rooted in three pillars which epitomise sustainability: 


1. The founder’s love and passion for artisanal fashion

2. Her respect for traditions, cultural heritage, art and innovation, which mix modern recycled fabrics with vintage details and original design

3. Responsible and conscious consumption based on the mindset "less is more" and "quality matters"


Karin Kämpf, the founder and CEO of By Adushka, who’s been working in fashion for more than 20 years, started the brand because she wanted to change the way women feel about fashion, the way they buy and even the way they dress! She was driven by the real meaning of the word SUSTAINABILITY, which originates from saving the forests. Her idea to plant new seeds for a different kind of world manifested in her brand By Adushka.


“Now I feel I contribute in my own little way to saving our Planet, by changing the mindset of our community and customers. I give them the chance to choose a different kind of fashion, a different way of dressing, and I make them aware, through our content, of a more conscious, slow and responsible way of living. That for me is all part of sustainability! Education and changing our consumption habits, one step at a time!”


So what are we waiting for? Let us make our contribution to help our planet!





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