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Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Solar Eclipse in Taurus

A New Moon, Black Moon and Solar Eclipse? Sounds like a lot! Let’s explore the energies of this special lunar event.


Lunar Cycle


Although we speak mainly about the powerful beginnings and peaks of the lunar cycle, the moon makes a vaster journey than that. She consists of four main categories: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon, which can be split into 8 various lunar phases.



It takes her approximately 29.5 days to journey throughout the zodiac wheel of 12 astrological signs. Every 2.5 days her energies shift, and the combination of the sign and the lunar phase can all make a different energetic experience. In many ways you can say the moon is predictable with her ebb and flow. Yet the way she expresses her energy can vary making it an interesting expression of both the masculine and feminine energies, in my opinion. Oftentimes the moon is related to the feminine, which I agree with. But her predictability in nature, that safeness you feel emanating from her calculated journey does give off a strong masculine energy. It is planned, structured and expected.


Yet how her energies can shift so quickly, resembling the cycle of the feminine, makes her also unpredictable in her emotional body. Her emotions ebb and flow similar to the tides.


New Moon


The New Moon symbolizes like the word says it: newness. She breathes newness into our lives, subconscious minds and emotional bodies. Where have you been holding back to initiate? Her darkness in the night sky activates the darkness in our subconscious mind. Our dream world becomes more vivid. The connection to our guides. The need to be more, listen within and slow things down on this day is requested by her disappearance.




Black Moon


You surely have heard of a Blue Moon? Or at least of the saying: once in a Blue Moon? The Black Moon has been less talked about than her Blue Moon sibling. Under the many meanings, in general the Blue Moon is referred to as the second Full Moon in the same month. Whereas when we have a Black Moon, this is the second New Moon in the same month.


The Black Moon energy is connected to a strong new beginning, divination, ritualistic practices and inner journeys.


The emphasis here is on fertile energy for new beginnings. This month is a goldmine for it. Yet before we get too excited, there is yet another aspect to this particular lunar event that we first need to analyze before we move on to our ritual practice for this Black Moon. 


Solar Eclipse / Eclipse Season


Roughly every 6 months we experience a season of Eclipses which come both in the form of Solar and Lunar Eclipses. What is even the difference between a Solar and Lunar Eclipse? And what is even an Eclipse or Eclipse season for that matter?


So first thing is first: Solar Eclipse happens solely on a New Moon, when the moon goes dark, however in combination with an Eclipse, we see a ring around the moon. A Lunar Eclipse happens solely on a Full Moon, when the moon appears to have a redness to its light.



Eclipses happen due to the positioning of the Earth, Moon and Sun which create unique lunar events. Such as when on a New Moon, we see the shadow of Earth on the moon when normally a New Moon is always completely dark. Or when the Full Moon moves into the shadow of Earth creating its red hue.


Lunar Nodes


To understand Eclipses, we first need to understand the lunar nodes. Eclipses occur when these energetic points are being activated by the current signs of the Sun and Moon. These are energetic vortices and placements that intersect the Sun’s path and Moon’s orbit. Like the Sun and Moon, the pull of the Nodes is ruled by the astrological sign they are in. Each Node takes on the zodiac constellation where it is placed, which always are in opposition to one another.


The Lunar Nodes have recently shifted into the zodiac constellation of Taurus and Scorpio. We begin a new cycle of about 18 months in this zodiac constellation. Lunar Nodes can activate collective themes as well as your personal karmic path in life. They symbolize very briefly the path we are headed in life and what we are being asked to stir away from due to past lives.



In short, having the North Node in Taurus, we are being asked to strive for stability and reflecting on how we can be more of service to others. Maintaining stability through creating healthy daily practices and rituals will contribute to more peace. As what we do on a daily basis can contribute to our awareness to expand and our energy to be freed up for more consciousness to seep in. We are stirring away from blindly believing and are creating more sturdy foundations to build on.


Eclipse Season


Overall, the Eclipses are here to create massive change. It supercharges the lunar phases in such a way that it creates chaos (or what seems to be chaos at first) for clarity to come in later. Expect a season of transformation. And transformation that occurs a lot more quicker in a short period of time. This Eclipse season expects one Solar Eclipse on this New Moon, 30 April and one Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon, 16 May 2022.


My main tip for you this Eclipse season is to be more, do less, observe life occurrences, sit with the meanings behind them and surrender as much as possible to the process.



Shamanic Moon Ritual

My ritual for you this Eclipse season is to refrain from consciously manifesting and to be more in the moment.


What does life have to offer for you at this moment? Where have you been busy in the doing and neglecting being?


Recharge your batteries, allow the lessons to unfold and be in your own company. I have a few ways you can connect with the Earth element this season of Taurus that I would like to share with you here.



Connect with Earth and come back to your body:


♉︎ Medicine Movement: Move your body, your hips and dance in a way that feels pleasurable for you.


♉︎ Shamanic Shaking: Shake your entire body for at 5-10 minutes regularly to shamanic drums.


♉︎ Activate all of your senses: Enjoy the pleasures of the material plane: good food, herbs, incenses, essential oils, crystals.


♉︎ Nature Walks: Go for meditative walks in nature, listen to nature's whispers. Be still, listen, and feel. Look out for hidden messages of symbolism.


Let’s gather this Solar Eclipse! My online tribe, La Luna Circle, comes together every New Moon and Full Moon to learn more about the moon, basic astrology and create magick, ritual and tune within. Learn more about La Luna Circle here:

Have a blessed Solar Eclipse!

All my love,
Inés Kelly




About Inés Kelly

Inés Kelly is a healer, moon astrologer and writer. She creates sacred spaces for women to heal through her 1:1 sessions and moon ceremonies. Lover of all things cycles: astrological, menstrual, lunar, seasonal. Ines started her journey with Astrology when she was 18 years old and the Moon became her daily muse during her second pregnancy. She became interested in the connection between women and their cycle with the Moon and eventually build a tribe of women, sitting together in ceremonies, sharing and learning how to live in alignment with their cycles, the moon and how to heal through ancient shamanic journeys. 

Ines deep desire for all women is to help them return back to a more cyclical way, to ebb and flow with life and nature, without trying to control results. She is devoted to igniting in women that inner sense of deep trust for life, their intuition and gifts. You can find and join Ines Moon Ceremonies at and on Instagram.

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