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Scented Candle Odin

Scented Candle Odin

This hand-made soy wax candle is dedicated to one of the main Gods in the Norse (Nordic/ Scandinavian) mythology, ODIN. He was told to be a god of three personalities and a king of the Humans, the Gods and the Witches.

Inspired by this trinity the recipe for this candle was developed to support concentration, confidence and physical and spiritual powers.


ODIN scented candle , Smells like spells



The three ingredients sourced for the making of this candle are Juniper, Coriander seeds and Sandal wood. This is a strong male energy recipe, which sometimes women need as well.

The Coriander seeds are believed to help against fears, boosting confidence and creativity.

The Juniper has been used since an ancient times to protect and ward off evil spirits. The energy of the burning plant helps to develop the personality’s consistence and perseverance.

Sandalwood because it was used for many years to help with depression, anxiety and nervous breakdowns. In Eastern culture Sandalwood aroma is believed to be particularly attractive for various deities, hence it is often used in meditations and temples.

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Odin, scented candle


Maintenance and additional information

The first time you use the candle leave it to burn till the top part is melted all around the jar throat. That way the candle will not make a deep hole. 

The natural soy wax used for making this candle does not emit toxic chemical compounds when burning; burns three times as long as ordinary candles; does not leave any stains, the spills are easy to clean; does not get hot, as it burns in lower temperature than paraffin, therefore the aroma of the candle emanates slowly and unchanged. 

The candle containers are made by cutting of the top part of used glass bottles. By thoroughly polishing edges, placing our logo and fitting a wooden lid Smells like Spells brings thee glass containers back to life, where they may be reused for numerous times.

Together with this soy wax candle you will get a detailed description of the candle’s purpose; a description of the aromatherapic effect of different scents.





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