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This candle was hand crafted and dedicated to the Norse Goddess of love and fertility. FREYA became the lover of ODIN and she was believed to be responsible for all the love, sexual and fertility spells. She was very beautiful and highly desired by all gods. 

This candle was handcrafted with the intention to help with your spells for new love, passion and finding the right partner.


Freya, scented candle Smells like spells



Based on the belief that every plant and aroma has a magical purpose that connects to the human subconsciousness in mysterious ways, the recipe for this hand-made candle blends three plants: Patchouli, Ambergris and Myrrh. 

Patchouli is believed to nourish, invigorate, and induce feelings of power, determination and self-confidence. Patchouli essential oil intensifies sensuality, helps to heal from frigidity and impotence. Patchouli essential oil creates an atmosphere of peacefulness, tranquility and love.

Ambergris has been long considered a symbol of luxury and power. Characterized by unique invigorating evening musk aroma with oriental note, it is one of the most-highly prized ingredients of perfume.

Myrrh was used in ancient recipes to calm irritations and restore balance in thoughts, clearing up the headspace from non-essential details. This scent is particularly suitable for meditations and to help you concentrate and think clearly. 



Any ritual performed with this candle should be done during the period from Waxing to Full Moon, reinforcing the spell for abundance and love. 


Maintenance and additional Information


The first time you use the candle leave it to burn till the top part is melted all around the jar throat. That way the candle will not make a deep hole. 

The natural soy wax used for making this candle does not emit toxic chemical compounds when burning; burns three times as long as ordinary candles; does not leave any stains, the spills are easy to clean; does not get hot, as it burns in lower temperature than paraffin, therefore the aroma of the candle emanates slowly and unchanged. 

The candle containers are made by cutting of the top part of used glass bottles. By thoroughly polishing edges, placing our logo and fitting a wooden lid Smells like Spells brings thee glass containers back to life, where they may be reused for numerous times.



Together with the following Freya products you will get a detailed description of the candle’s purpose; a description of the aromatherapic effect of different scents; a simple meditation/affirmation ritual that may help you to retain the beauty of your youth, revive body and soul awaken sexuality and create a sensuous romantic atmosphere for you and your beloved.



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