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Mother's Day with By Adushka

Mother's Day with By Adushka

Are you looking for unique Mother's Day gift ideas? If your mom is the kind of person that loves to discover and explore the world for local gems...You are in the right place! We have collected individual and special surprises just for your mom. These presents shine beyond the special day and can be worn all year round.


The most unique, sustainable gift ideas for Mother's Day on 8 May


Always a safe place, comforting words in difficult times and the most loving hugs - on 8 May is Mother's Day and thus a nice opportunity to say thank you for the many big and small "things you take for granted". For some it may be just another Sunday (and of course there is no need for a fixed date to show your mum how much she means to you), but it can also simply be a nice occasion for a heartfelt "Thank you, Mum!" - with words that come from the heart, a small special gesture and perhaps even a lovingly chosen present. 



"Happiness is seeing your Mother's smile"


If you are still looking for a Mother's Day gift, we have collected some ideas for you here. Whether for your own mother, your grandmother, your pregnant partner, as a gift for an admirable single or part-time parent in your circle of friends or simply for yourself - the adventure of "being a mum" has many facets and all mothers should be able to enjoy a heartfelt "How nice that you exist! On Mother's Day and of course on the other 364 days of the year. 


Little surprises in the letterbox





"It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his Mother more beautiful?" - Mahatma Ghandi


It is not always possible to visit mum on Mother's Day. Those who live too far away could send a dear greeting - a handwritten message, a small gesture that shows: I thought of you, because you are important to me. Even if the children have already left the nest at home and a personal hug is not possible on Mother's Day, there are small gifts that lose none of their warmth even when sent by post.


Breakfast is ready



How about starting with a joint Mother's Day breakfast and creating a warm ambience with beautiful things on the festively set table? Because for mum, the best start to the day is just good enough. The spring bouquet of flowers is enchanting in the new handmade vase and the person of honour enjoys her first coffee or tea of the day from the new favourite cup that has just been unwrapped.

Our DIY tip: coasters made of epoxy resin with dried flowers!


Now it's getting personal




As individual as the qualities we appreciate and love in our mothers are, the gift options for Mother's Day are colourful and varied. Surprise your mum with a truly original and personalised gift and show that you have put some thought into it. An extra-soft velour Shopping Bag with an embroidered star sign by designer Nina Leuca from Puglia is sure to make your mother's eyes sparkle, just like the handwritten letter with a poem by mum's favourite poet: inside on flowery stationery.


Give the gift of time for two, enjoy the sun's rays together at the Vitznauerhof, directly on Lake Lucerne


When times are tough, time together making beautiful memories make everything a little better. Enjoy some fine dining at Lake Lucerne or gift her a voucher for a weekend away. Wrap your travel voucher in a new chic bag for a family day at Vitznauerhof, including a visit and exclusive shopping experience at the By Adushka Boutique. See what interesting offer we have for you below!



Time together and beautiful memories are the highest good in hectic times. Surprise your mother with a fine meal on Lake Lucerne or even give her a voucher for a weekend together. If they live a few hours apart, a meeting soon for a hiking weekend together in the beautiful Rigi region could be a successful surprise. Why not wrap up the homemade travel voucher in a chic new bag for your family day at the Vitznauerhof, including a visit and shopping experience at the By Adushka Boutique.
We are pleased to be able to make you an interesting offer:



Lasting Joy



We all agree: Only the best for mum! The challenge is to honour special mother-child moments with loving gift ideas that conjure up lasting joy. Natural gifts for Mother's Day are not only good for mum, but also for the environment. Instead of fresh flowers for the vase, you can give one of our beautiful collages by Swiss artist Sam Maler. 


For high-quality lover





For the globetrotting mother




Wishing you all the best on this day and hoping to have given you some good advice - Happy Mother's Day!





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