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The 59th International Art Exhibition runs from 23 April to 27 November 2022  curated by Cecilia Alemani. As By Adushka is inspired from so many Art Works from our clients we invite you to follow us on our Art Trip to Venice and discovering The Art Installation "Metamorphose" of our Friends and Artist Simone Monney at Palazzo Bembo the contemporary Art Exhibition: Personal Structure.



The concept of Reflections


The sixth edition of the biennial contemporary art exhibition Personal Structures features a wide selection of artworks from internationally-renowned and emerging artists, photographers, and sculptors as well as worldwide academic institutions. These convene in the city of Venice to express from different perspectives their views on the main theme of the exhibition: the concept of reflections.

With her project entitled “metamorphosis” Simone invites you to initiate an intuitive journey that awakens immediate sensations such as memories, magical places and positive emotions. This multisensory project brings you to experience the perception of the senses combined with art. Simone has chosen 5000 white paper butterflies for her olfactory installation as they represent the symbol of change In some cultures, they act as guides and messengers of the gods. Watching butterflies dance in the air or fly from flower to flower brings you to dream.


Butterflies represent a sort of spiritual rebirth. They initiate creativity and joy. Every butterfly has its own character and destination, but when flying together, new dreams are created and celebrated.  


Going back to nature, which brings us back to childhood through primary senses like smell, touch, feel and see.



Simone is living and working near Geneva in Switzerland. Her artworkshave an impromptu look that pulls the viewer into them. Best described as a union of the senses, her paintings are inspired by her changing surroundings, using different mediums, brushes, and techniques to translate her sensory experiences into art. Simone’s skill really lies in capturing a moment in time, distilling everything she sees, hears, and feels into colorful, stunning artworks.




The Exhibition


Personal Structures is a biennial contemporary art exhibition organised and hosted by European Cultural Centre in Venice, Italy. Since 2011 that aims to feature and combine in the same space different expressions from artists that break away from any ideological, political and geographical barriers. The 2022 edition revolves around the idea of reflections, which embodies the dual meaning of a visible episode perceived by the eyes and a mental deed stemming from the action of thinking and pondering with the mind. As envisioned by the ECC Italy curatorial team, the act of reflecting carries the potential to foresee possibilities and the responsibility of imagining a better future.





With its 150 canals, 400 bridges and magnificent 16th- and 17th-century palaces and piazzas, it is no surprise that Venice is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Find some suggest from By Adushka for a stay in this magic city:


Address: Il Palazzo Experimental, Fondamenta Zattere, Al Ponte Lungo 1412, 30123 Venice, Italy

Telephone: +39 041 0980200
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Address: Sestiere Cannaregio 5631, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy
Telephone: +39 041 097 0300
Prices: Doubles from about £420



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