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Enjoy By Adushka style for your place

Enjoy By Adushka style for your place

We are happy to introduce a fantastic reality present in Marseilles for several years. Verre Terre et Fer is a company of producers and distributors of handicrafts to lovers of decoration, souvenirs, gifts, tableware, household linen, etc. This brings together artisans from many countries who practise their art in different fields, thus creating a fantastic and truly incomparable world in perfect By Adushka style: that of Verre Terre et Fer.



This brand will leave you open-mouthed by the uniqueness of its products.


Shape your home with our selections of hand-crafted pieces of art


The Moismont Maison collection is timeless and invites you to mix and match our throws and cushions endlessly. This label is a need for authenticity and a return to the past, tinged with a desire to escape from the everyday life. It is about an engagement between Indian tradition and French style - each garment is designed by Adrien Testard, a textile designer based in Paris and hand-woven in India. The Futons and Plaids are woven by hand in India and the natural colors associated with cotton offer a really soft finish, perfect for creating a warm atmosphere. 



Moismont gives life to pieces of clothing kneaded with a comforting and convivial softness and that what makes the brand so special.



Take a break


Give your interior design an extra touch by using our New Mags books. A brand that sells and distributes the coolest and most stylish literature on the planet! The choice is really wide, ranging from architecture, to tips for making your home more sustainable, to astrology, to fashion photographY books - and all these versions, besides being extremely interesting, are also a great piece of forniture. Take a look at our selection and choose the magazine that's best for you. A comfortable environment can make your space feel extra homey, especially during the harvest season. 

!!! They are also great as gift ideas. Gifting an interesting book is always a valuable idea.


Last but not the least: our new Verre Terre et Fer handcrafted vases.  The women of Sejnane are perpetuating an art that goes back into the mists of time: namely molded pottery, the prerogative of women in Tunisia, whilst the potter’s wheel is traditionally reserved for men. UNESCO has just inscribed the pottery skills of the women of Sejnane on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.



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