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Fashion meets Art Basel

Fashion meets Art Basel

Julie Roux (Personal Shopper & Stylist) meets with Martina Reinshagen (Life Coach) and Martin Reinshagen (Manager of Hotel Volkshaus Basel) for an afternoon tea and conversation on the rooftop terrace of the Volkshaus Basel suite. Don't miss this interview, as they discuss the world of fashion, art and coaching. Also pay attention to outfits, they could be a great inspiration for your look for the upcoming Art Basel event.



An afternoon tea with Basel locals


"As I sit on the rooftop terrace of the Volkshaus Basel suite, my face can’t help but break out into a bright smile as I take a final photo of the couple before me, Martin and Martina Reinshagen. Our time together has come full circle, both beginning and ending on the warmest note. Martina and I met recently, instantly relishing our mutual love for all things beautiful. With her coffee and me with my usual cup of tea, we dove straight into the day’s topic.

It was only after an hour of discussion that we took a moment to admire the scene in front of us; the Basel rooftops creating a nuanced backdrop to the mornings grey sky.



Martina’s slogan in life as well as within her role as a life coach is: Love and live your uniqueness - Liebe und lebe deine Einzigartigkeit - L‘unique c‘est chic - and it is with this in mind that our conversation begins...



Our first topic is the remarkable parallels between the world of fashion, art and coaching. Each of the three worlds incite feelings, the question is “What type of feeling do we want to bring forward?” Martina remarks that, like art or clothing the emotion provoked by a coach can vary from a sense of darkness to an overflow of joy. Each emotion warranting it’s own place.



As we walked around the Volkshaus Basel terrace suite we stopped in front of Bob and Roberta Smiths artwork entitled Make art Not War. Here was an interesting example of the subject at hand, particularly as it was juxtaposed against the Gia long linen dress from Ukrainian designer My Sleeping Gypsy.



Moving away from the suite and onto the hotel’s tree encircled terrace Martina spoke of how she looks to bring forth feelings of love and appreciation in her clients, essentially assisting them in unwrapping a sense of self. This is precisely how she felt when gliding about Volkshaus in her by Adushka handwoven Ikat coat, entirely herself. When touching the fabric she commented on the feeling of donning an item that is created with passion for the item’s artisanal work and how that emotion transpired to the wearer.



As for Martin, he is currently coordinating the latest exhibit in the Volkshaus space known as ‘von Bartha Insight’ it will be one of the hotels highlights during the up coming Art Basel week. Our By Adushka friends can experience this new instalment in person while visiting our pop up."

We can't wait to welcoming all our by Adushka friends in Volkshaus Basel from June 3-4, go to our blogpost and sign up for the event.



For more information regarding Martina’s work as a life coach helping clients be the person they love and create the life they love visit her instagram profile.

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