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When art meets fashion

When art meets fashion

You are all familiar by now with our much-loved Injiri, the brand launched in 2009 by Chinar Farooqui with the desire to form long lasting liaisons with Indian textiles through her work and on going explorations in regional techniques. Besides being made of really good quality materials and being a material manifesto that carries on the Indian tradition, we really admire this brand for what is behind the scenes.



Don't miss this article and discover the designer's major source of inspiration during the conception of the 2022 summer collection.



Mark Rothko: an inspiration for Injiri's Spring Summer 22 Collection 

Mark Rothko's composition, which outlined square outlines white dazzling hues and aroused powerful emotions in the observer, made him famous. "Colorfield paintings" was a term to describe his style and therefore this art.

A Mark Rothko's painting is inspiring for its beautiful use of colour and proportions. It is an inspiration that has a deep impact in its own way.





Indian art & culture be it Music, dance or crafts have thrived because of a system of learning called Guru-Shishya parampara, in which an uninitiated student learns from the guidance of the master. Assimilation of 'guru-shishya' craft skills, attitudes, values and myths moulded the social structure of that time. This centuries-old system of the Guru-Shishya (Mentor-Mentee) system for transferring skills from one generation to other.
The Guru Shishya tradition still dominates many of the rural craft clusters in India where the master weaver teaches the nuances of his craft and moulds his apprentices not just to earn the craft but also to carry it onto the next generation.


Traditional textiles require an apprenticeship as their know-how is more of human heritage.



Tan Baan' encapsulates the unvielding power of the yarn on the loom, ad well as the loom's language, a sono setto the beat of weaving, and the music created by the weaver to make his wonder.



The sound of the loom is recognisable to everyone who has spent time around weavers or watched a video of one at work. As weaver weaves, there is an underlying rhythm that is very powerful, just as music has an inner powerful ability to trigger emotional responses. On the loom, the weaver's fingers dance together as the shuttle swings back and forth rhythmically, oringing the warp and weft together in a creatior.



So what are you waiting for? Check out Injiri's Collection and fall in love with it!





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