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Scented Candle Heimdallr

Scented Candle Heimdallr

This candle is dedicated to the Norse (Nordic/Scandinavian) God of protection HEIMDALLR. He was considered one of the most important gods in the Norse mythology and the father of mankind, who teaches humans many things, such as runes (The runic Alphabet, native to the Germanic peoples before they adopted the Latin Alphabet).


HEIMDALLR was a son of Odin and dedicated his life to the protection of the realm he loves. He was very smart and had unparalleled vision. He was the ever-vigilant guardian of the gods’ stronghold, Asgard and no-one could walk through its doors without his assent. 


HEIMDALLR was also linked to the Yggdrasil, the tree of life and his role was to protect the bridge between the world of Gods and the world of Humans. This is why he possessed exceptional and keen senses, particularly eyesight and hearing.

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HEIMDALLR, smells like spells handmade candles



The recipe for this candle was developed based on old customs, traditions and the belief that plants and aromas have healing and magical purpose that connects to people’s subconsciousness. This recipe is developed with the idea of protection spells and perseverance.

The three ingredients used in the recipe for the HEIMDALLR candle are Sage, Tobacco Leaves and Myrrh.

Sage, because this is a herb known and used from ancient times to protect and ward off evil spirits. Through the ritual of burning sage, which was turned into essential oil and added to the candle HEIMDALLR, the released energy helps to develop the personality’s consistence and perseverance, the ability to distinguish lies and fight them easily. It also protects the aura form aggression, helps to quickly find a proper way out from any difficult situation.

Myrrh, because it was used in ancient recipes to calm irritations and restore balance in thoughts, clearing up the headspace from non-essential details. This scent is particularly suitable for meditations and to help you concentrate and think clearly.

Tobacco leaves because it brings the sensation of coziness, security, and stability to your home. Not without a reason in folk tales people tried to ward off the devil by chewing tobacco leaves or by smoking pipes. Tobacco is a great measure against evil spirits, it protects homes and people from negative energy, jealousy and evil eye. Slightly sweet, but luxurious and rich smell of tobacco will create a warm, tranquil and comfortable atmosphere.



Family rituals, scented candle smells like spells


Best time to burn this candle is during Full Moon phase. The beginning of the year, in the cold months when we spent more time at home with the family is also a good time to burn this candle. Use it when celebrating family holidays, when you are calling for protection and in difficult times.

The HEIMDALLR candle is a perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one, a friend or colleague you wish to be protected, who needs clarity of mind and perseverance during a difficult time of their life.



Maintenance and additional Information

The first time you use the candle leave it to burn till the top part is melted all around the jar throat. That way the candle will not make a deep hole. 
The natural soy wax used for making this candle does not emit toxic chemical compounds when burning; burns three times as long as ordinary candles; does not leave any stains, the spills are easy to clean; does not get hot, as it burns in lower temperature than paraffin, therefore the aroma of the candle emanates slowly and unchanged. 

The candle containers are made by cutting of the top part of used glass bottles. By thoroughly polishing edges, placing our logo and fitting a wooden lid Smells like Spells brings thee glass containers back to life, where they may be reused for numerous times.


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