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For the love of all senses

For the love of all senses

A holistic Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Soundretreat 



Eileen and Esther create retreats that combine their love for living a life with ease and joy, purpose and fulfillment, whilst being able to perform as CEO’s, Coaches, consultants, creative directors and artists.


Eileen owned her first business at the age of 19, becoming a magna cum laude architect, had one oof the largest travel agencies for the Russian market and is nowadays the CEO of an international strategic business consultancy. 

Starting out as a typical high achiever, with degrees and high rated jobs, she soon understood, that her body was burning out. So she left the business world to find her personal solution in becoming a Kundalini Yoga instructor in 2013 in India, specialized on regular and pre-natal courses. Additionally she studied several energy healing techniques, meditation and systemic coaching. When she realized she could live a life in which both her joys can co-exist, the business women and the Yogi, she made it her passion to set this into action, creating holistic retreats that are heartfelt, balanced and demanding at the same time. She facilitates them for more than 7 years now and has been invited all over the world to teach and pass her knowledge and lifestyle on.




Esther comes from a similar high performance job background. As a child she started out on stages as a dancer and singer, soon to become a professional film actress, traveling the globe, producing her own records, singing opera and pop, writing for various lifestyle magazines, performing in numerous places worldwide. After two major burn-outs she did a similar cut, wondering how else life could be like. By the example of her sister, she became a Kundalini instructor, meditation-, systemic and mindfulness coach, studied various ways of energy and sound healing. Nowadays she runs her own Cashmere business, is a successful high impact coach and author, she still sings and regularly facilitates soundbaths - all that with ease and without burning out.




Together the sisters regularly facilitate unique retreats in which the focus lies on living wholeness in all aspects.

Joy of life, living the passion for what one feels called without burning out, experiencing a life of wholeness, growth, abundance, health, peace of mind and heart, and oh so much love, for yourself, all people and the world we live in.

Their offer include Yoga classes, mindfulness and meditation walks, special dance movements to open all chakras and unblock stuck energies, Esther performs live crystal bowl and vocal infused sound baths and more.


An experience worth indulging with. 




Their next retreats take place in November at Hotel Vitznauer Hof

We would like to put special attention to their retreat:



For the love of all senses is a holistic retreat tailored around all our senses, using them to bring body, mind and spirit back into alignment, conscious connection and wholeness. 


We will work with the tools of Kundalini Yoga, the so called Yoga of Awareness. A style in which meditation is practiced through movement in different intensities and lengths. This Yoga is good for all levels of physical capabilities and sporty or non-sportiness. Also we work with the high frequencies of live crystal bowl sound baths, mantra chants, meditation walks and various mindfulness practices from high impact coaching techniques. Beyond you will get to experience a cocoa ceremony which will elevate your abilities to taste, smell, feel and see and dance our chakras into a free flow of energy, unblocking stuck energies and opening up to a life lived in health and awareness.


The retreat takes place in a special lake house, build on the shores of lake Vierwaldstätter See, the Rigi mountain in the back, surrounded by a wild herbal garden and lots of peace. Enjoy the luxuries living and kitchen of the boutique Hotel Vitznauer Hof and indulge in self-care when getting a massage, a facial, or steam bath with an after-dip in the ice cold and healing waters of the lake. 



Think: Dusty fogs over dark waters, right in front of the window. Cozy and homey rooms and kitchen. Think me-time deluxe and likeminded people. Think days of wild herbal smells, the touch of peace, the taste of fall, the sound of nature and the vision of yourself in pure bliss and happiness. 


Join us for this special location and heartfelt retreat under the topic:

For the love of all senses.

We will work around our sensual experiences. Smell, taste, feel, hear, see and then go beyond to dive deeper into the subconscious self, unblocking stuck energies, releasing past traumas and opening ourselves to a life of joy, abundance, peace of mind and endless possibilities.

November 5-7, 2021.




Also we would like put a focus on a second retreat taking place in the magical time of Christmas, called:



In this retreat we will make sure to end the year in gratitude and compassion to ourselves and the world around, our achievements and abilities. We will be working around leaving behind our sorrows, frustrations and things that had a negative impact on our lives up until and in 2021, in order to clear the way for a, no matter what we will be facing, experiencing and forming a fantastic 2022.

Join us and create an internal reality for 2022, that sets the focus to manifest a year of callings, options, prosperity and expansion - for ourselves and the beloved community we share our lives with. 


Let’s once again dive deep through 2021 and get reborn for the year of new beginnings, in the best of ways. 

We will as well use tools like Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness Practices, cocoa ceremony, Chakra work, Crystal bowl and voice guided healing sessions and of course the magic of Christmas. 




Join us at our beloved Hotel Vitznauer Hof and experience the magic of self healing, inner joy and making room for good things to come.

You are your master, let us be your guide.

In Peace, In Trust, In Love.

December 12-15, 2021.




Bookings can be made here.

All bookings made through ByAdushka will be taking part in raffle in which you can win a 10% voucher off the entire retreat price and a 100sFR voucher for all items from THE KEY Tō DEAN bought at ByAdushka.


Happy retreating!

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