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Cozy up your home for Fall

Cozy up your home for Fall

There is a different light in autumn. There is a longing for respite, a need to leave the summer crowds and wrap oneself in colors and homes. With autumn, home once again becomes a place to find shelter and cherish memories.


A cozy space dedicated to self-care. To moments of reflection and intimacy, to rituals of beauty and well-being.


With the chilly weather of the fall season, it only makes sense to create a cozy home to stay warm and relaxed. A cozy space dedicated to self-care, to moments of reflection and intimacy, to rituals of beauty and well-being - sometimes it's so easy to create a comfy space that you’ll enjoy. From extra fabrics to lighting to pattern choices and much more, here are some simple tips from the By Adushka Team on how to make your home cozy for fall. 



Create Layers On Your Couch For A Cozy Fall Look


A big part of making your home cozy for fall is adding more warm and comfortable fabrics to your space. The easiest way to do this is by creating layers on your couch and on your bed. You can instantly transform your living room and our bedroom into a cozy area with our Moismont amazing textiles: a French label known for it's premium textiles fabrics in gorgeous colors, all infused with ancestral know-how. Moismont is a need for authenticity and a return to the past, tinged with a desire to escape from everyday life. It's about an engagement between Indian tradition and French style - each garment is designed a textile designer based in Paris and handwoven in India. We invite you to have a look at the whole collection, in addition to fantastic garments you will find futons and plaid that will not only keep you warm during the winter season, but will also be a wonderful piece of furniture of your home.



Bringing in some extra blankets and plaids will make the room look warmer. In order to create layers on your couch, you should start with some throw blankets. Drape a throw blanket over one corner of the couch and then place another one on the opposite corner. To get that extra cozy appearance, you can then add some pillows.

!!! You can also place additional throw blankets in a basket or storage container nearby to use on extra chilly nights.



Play around with different ways to add patterns in each room to create a warm and cozy fall space!


Use Fall Scented Candles For The Ultimate Cozy House


Another way to make your home cozy for fall is to bring in the scents of the harvest season. Scent is a great way to set the scene for a warm and comforting space because there are so many nostalgic and cozy scents that represent fall perfectly.




The best way to add fall scents to your home is with candles and incenses. However, you can also add scents with the help of room freshener sprays. No matter how you want to add scents to your home, check out some of the top fall Smells Like Spells scents we have selected for you for the ultimate cozy home.





Create An Even More Beautiful Atmosphere With Our Stylish Magazines 


Last but not least! Give your interior design an extra touch by using our New Mags books. A brand that sells and distributes the coolest and most stylish literature on the planet! The choice is really wide, ranging from architecture, to tips for making your home more sustainable, to astrology, to fashion photographY books - and all these versions, besides being extremely interesting, are also a great piece of forniture. Take a look at our selection and choose the magazine that's best for you. A comfortable environment can make your space feel extra homey, especially during the harvest season. 

!!! They are also great as gift ideas. Gifting an interesting book is always a valuable idea.



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