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Christmas Gifts under $200

Christmas Gifts under $200

Find here Christmas Gifts Ideas under $200

Pure joy and happiness are in the small gifts. There’s nothing better than an original Christmas gift from the heart. It only takes some effort and thought to make a grand gesture happen this season. The magic lies in those little moments of gifting your family, friends and loved ones a gift to remember!

So, looking for last minute Christmas gifts? You have definitely come to the right place. By Adushka prides itself in empowering women, especially through beautiful pieces. We have a range of Christmas gifts for women that will make the ones in your life feel loved and special. 





Have we already reached the holiday season? It’s hard to believe that we are already all on the search for the perfect gift for the special people in our lives. Small, thoughtful and artisanal gifts are such a joy to receive. 

This week, we are sharing some small gifts under $200 that are perfect for Christmas, from bags to bracelets...and masks. Gift your loved one something special and pair it with a handwritten note, telling them how special they are! 

Environmentally friendly and durable, consider getting her one of these bags. Trust us, you can never go wrong giving that special lady in your life an extra bag. If she’s a regular city shopper, then she’ll love one of these. They pair up so well with a beautiful summer dress, oh! And don’t forget to share a romantic story with her on why you thought this bag would suit her...That’s just an extra pro-tip from us to you!




If she enjoys a late dinner and cocktail party, these elegant bags fit just with a sparkly dress. It’s a mega statement.





While if you want chic bags, but still be comfortable - we recommend you our Belt Bags.



A forest snood and a bag perhaps? Forest snoods are great for The autumn and winter season, when it comes to Christmas week...It’s always a time to sit down and take at least a good few days to decide what to wear for Christmas lunch, or dinner. Maybe you can’t wear a dress on it’s you have to layer up. The Forest Snood is a good idea to add on to your outfit, it’s cozy and gives off that sweet, comfy Christmas style, perfect for lounging with family and friend around the fireplace.




With the Sagittarius season around the corner, there is a desire to connect with something bigger than ourselves, and as you know - We have a bag for every zodiac season. Here’s a little something for all those zodiac lovers.




There's nothing quite like a beautiful bracelet or necklace, and these unique pieces have tradition and conscious living written all over them. 




And don't forget to have a look also at our India-based brand Injiri.
This brand is extremely important to us at By Adushka, as it contributes to the protection of the Indian cultural heritage and it uses only environment friendly dying methods and garments. Find here some of our new favorite accessories:


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