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10. Suggestions for.. SLOW Friday

10. Suggestions for.. SLOW Friday

Dear community,

as you know, here at By Adushka we take the concept of ethicality and sustainability very much to heart; we are at a time of year when the pressure to overconsume is mounting. That is why we continue to support a slower lifestyle that allows us to make conscious choices in our daily lives, including how to spend our time and our shopping habits.

As most people in the world hit the streets and lines up in front of the stores, we are pleased to invite you to spend this weekend differently by recommending 10 alternative activities to the hustle and bustle of these days, to practice by yourself or with your loved ones.



Get ready for the cold season by creating a cozy atmosphere for you, your family and your guests! A few small touches will make time run slower and make you enjoy every moment at home! Light a candle, diffuse essential oils, wrap yourself in warm blankets, add soft textile elements, make room for fresh flowers or plants.



Play around to create a warm space during winter time. Use our Smells Like Spells selection and Moismont's blankets and plaids for the ultimate cozy house.





The coffee table book is more than a book, it is meant to absorb us completely and give us inspiration. Put your phones aside, make yourself a cup of hot tea and immerse yourself in a reading that will lift your spirits, make you dream, make you learn something new.



It is also a wonderful decorative element for your home that speaks directly of your interests.



Do you ever find yourself longing to take time for yourself? Work, school, and home life often leave no time left over to do something that you enjoy, in full presenceIf you don’t take care of your own needs first, you’ll find yourself burnt out and struggling in the simplest things. Use this weekend for gardening, reading, exercise, reflection or the absolute luxury of doing nothing!



Light a candle, enjoy a reading of your interest, while the rest of the world chases the hustle!



The weekend is farmers' market day almost everywhere in the world, right? While the shops get crowded, change street and immerse yourself in the scent of Slow Food ingredients! Whether you are on your own or with family and friends, spend the day having fun in the kitchen and creating delicious recipes while spending quality time together! 




If you need extra inspiration, read the mouth-watering recipes of our ambassador and author Nadia Damaso!




Whether it is a backyard garden, an ambling country garden or a small herbs corner in your kitchen, caring for a garden is a 'slow' routine that provides much satisfaction, as well as relaxation, stress relief and a moment of peace in your daily life. Stress relief can be as close to you as your window. Herbs have long been valued by cultures across the world for their medicinal properties as well as their culinary uses. There's space for everyone to implement this 'slow' practice.. it's never too late to start!





Christmas is exactly one month away, so you still have time to consciously choose presents for your loved ones without giving in to the last-minute gift rush. Choose to give something that has a positive impact on the recipient, on yourself and on the entire value chain behind every purchase, no matter how small.




If you choose to buy a gift by Adushka, it will have plenty of time to arrive at your home just in time for the holidays! Also, if you are in Switzerland, you can visit us in our showroom in Baden every Thursday or at our concept store in Zurich for a conscious and artisanal Christmas market.



Nature is one of the most efficient healers we can think of. Whether you are by a lake, in the mountains, at a beach, a forest, or even just a city park, treat yourself to a slow-paced weekend; practice your breathing in an environment free of harmful elements, to fully reconnect with yourself and re-focus on your direction.



Should you be based in Switzerland and feel like spending the weekend on a last-minute lake getaway, we recommend our partner Hotel Guarda Val, a rustic location that combines authentic Graubünden alpine tradition with luxurious Design and Lifestyle in a fascinating way. The perfect place to spend a "slow" weekend.

Click here to discover more about this amazing place!




The year is drawing to a close and it is time to start preparing your list of good intentions. Not only that, for Journaling enthusiasts, it might also be interesting to describe your 2022, highlighting the good moments, but also considering the bad ones.

Check out the blog of our friend Inès Kelly for guided journaling sessions. Dozens of studies have shown that certain journaling practices can positively impact a variety of outcomes, including personal balance, goal setting and even some aspects of spiritual health.


We recently started collaborating with one of the most antique Italian bookbindery: Ofer. Something really special, take a look at the collection and stay tuned (there are new products on the way!). 



It's never too late to be a tourist in your city! There are so many things we always take for granted because 'we can always visit'! Have you always wanted to try that new restaurant in the city centre, or visit the museum after the latest renovation... this weekend could be a great opportunity to do and see everything you have been procrastinating for a long time!



In case you are in Switzerland, drop by and have a look at our partner Hotel Europe! In their dining area you can toast to life with pleasure with your favourite drinks, selected wines and regional beers, while always keeping an eye on what's going on in the kitchen!




We at By Adushka have a strong interest in mental and spiritual balance; we believe it is something that should not be underestimated and taken care of in our daily lives. Those of you who follow us closely know that we always keep an eye on the lunar cycles, which have an incredible influence on our moods, and that together with our astrologer and human design reader Inès Kelly we share with you best practices to go along with these flows and benefit from them.



A spiritual quest is a gift you give to yourself. Take an online course, learn more about ceremonies and rituals, or treat yourself to a one-to-one session to discover more about yourself with our Inès.


We hope these 10 tips have intrigued and inspired you. Keep following us on, also on our Social Media channels, to keep up to date with news and receive new tips :)




"The idea of Slow Friday is to slow down. To connect with yourself. To examine the stories you tell yourself about the world and others. The idea of Slow Friday is also to ask yourself in what you invest your energy and your time? Most of us rush to buy presents and more things, when we forget how important is the intangible, like the relationships we build in life."

-  from our Tsitaliya Mirceva in Mums in Heels's latest Newsletter







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