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Behind the scenes: By Adushka's Art Trip to Biennale Venice

Behind the scenes: By Adushka's Art Trip to Biennale Venice

Art lovers can enjoy! The Venice Biennale is officially back for 2022. On the occasion of its important return, Karin the founder and owner of By Adushka set out and met with friends for a few days in Venice to enjoy art, get inspired and celebrate the vernissage of the art installation "Metamorphosis" of her friend Simone Monney. 



We invite you to visite her on her tour through this magical city of palazzi, canals and gondoliers.



We see how vintage pieces, like the Phisique du Role Brick Linen Duster and vintage jewelry and the new favorite hand-printed dress in pure silk by Marcella Obidi can be combined in the best way... Discover the collection of Marcella Obidi now in our store. 



Obidi was born from Marcella Boidi's great passion for fashion and travel, which lead her to create a brand inspired by Japanese kimonos, combining them in a modern style and with upcycled Italian silk collected from the traditional silk manufactures in the suroundings of Como.


All production is sartorial made by two handpicked ateliers in the around Como with great attention to details and quality.


Each of her pieces are numbered unique pieces due handmade in traditional block print technic from a few selected Artisan families and tells us the story of the various continents joining on the ancient Silk Road that connected Asia with Venice in the most beautiful way. The flowing silk and light cotton voile fabrics selected exclusively for you from by Adushka contain the secrets and stories that have always been associated with Asian culture and have found their way into our lives.


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