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A Conversation with Esther

A Conversation with Esther

We are talking to Esther Niko Seibt - a high frequency coach, an actress and singer - about overcoming fear, anxiety, finding courage and balance within yourself and living a happier version fo yourself


In the last few years more and more people have started searching for meaning and fulfillment in life. The quest for living a life in alignment with our personal values and being more of service to others and to what matters to our community, has become central in our new reality. The Covid pandemic has reinforced the need of a more conscious and awakened daily living. Before we used to think this kind of living is reserved only for highly spiritual people who mediated all day long. Today each one of us knows that a there are ways and programs to help you learn and live your best. We are reading success tips and higher productivity hacks from the most successful biz people in the world, and yet so many of us suffer anxiety, burn out and we deal with a sense of overwhelm daily.


So why is that and how can we achieve more peace and harmony, which are essential for our health and wellbeing today?


Our team have decided to start a series of conversations with some of the most inspiring life coaches we know, to help and inspire you to live your best life reaching your potential.

Today we are asking Esther Niko Seibt, a high frequency coach, to share with us her story, why people reach burn out and how to prevent it! We talk about the importance of having balance in life, trusting your own timing and of course a little about fashion. We hope you make the time to read this exciting and inspiring interview that could be the first step to taking your life to a whole new level.

And you can meet Esther on the 20th of June after our Summer Party at Vitznauerhof for her 90 minute Kundalini yoga session together with her her sister and discover the power of meditation, breath work and sound bath. If you are interested write us an e-mail at:

Esther is one of the most vibrant and impressive people I’ve ever met. She holds space for you to be as you are and you feel immediately free to be yourself without being judged! She simply emanates light from inside out. Another thing I love about her is the resolve and drive she has around motivating people to take care of themselves. And by that I don’t mean the surface of things, but managing the self-talk, healing your spirit and, as she puts it herself, “gathering the courage to face your inner beast, because we all have it!”.


And on top of that she says: “Living a life of meaning and fulfillment is easier than you think”.


Esther herself has been through two burnouts, while being a professional film actress, a singer and songwriter. She has managed to pull herself out of the vicious cycle reinventing herself and starting a new life journey. Today Esther is freelance writer for several magazines, a trained systematic coach and Kundalini teacher. She is also a certified energy healer at the Board of Knowledge (1+2 + 3 - Body, Mind and Soul, Time and Space) and the Board of Angels.

↓ Discover more in the story below




 Tsitaliya: Hello Esther, such an honour to have this conversation with you! Let’s start from the beginning - how did you become an actress and why did you change your career, becoming a Kundalini yoga teacher and high frequency coach?


 Esther: When I was a child I was very lively, usually the centre of attention, everyone’s darling and people used to say I will either become a clown or an actress. I went the actress way and from the perspective time I realise I wanted to become an actress not because I wanted to be famous, but because I wanted to express myself, use my voice, my ideas, my body to express. I became an actress very young and I was between finishing school and filming. However I felt acting started to consume me and the values of the profession were taking over me. Back at the time individualist and character on screen were not supported and valued. It was more bout being fit for a certain role and I used to be casted always for the pretty rich girl who if she ever has a problem is doing drugs. I was again everybody’s darling who looked perfect. At the same time all I wanted to do was to tell stories. I saw the world with very curious eyes and I always needed to know the why. The older I grew in that business and the more shallow my world was becoming the more shallow the stories became. There was nothing more to tell in the script for me.

Then my family went through a lot of hardship and loss. I had to deal with losing members from my family which was tough. I was already an actress and while I was going through so much emotional pain, I had to pretend the world is amazing on the red carpet. That made me ask myself: who am I? Why am I doing this job if nobody cares for me or my story. I started to burn out, feeling disconnected from what I was doing. That’s how I ended up burned out. I had panic attacks, anxiety and I was underweight. I couldn’t do anything so I went to a hospital and they told me I am completely healthy, but I have a burn out. They offered me antidepressants but I didn’t want to take any pills. I didn’t want to destroy the connection I had with myself. The problem was I didn’t really know what to do next.


 Tsitaliya: Tell me more about this connection you feel with yourself?!


Esther: I believe we are all born feeling connected, but somehow along the way we forget to listen to the signs that our body is communicating to us. Even when people choose not to feel things, they still do, they just keep ignoring the feelings until people get a disease or a burn out like me.



Tsitaliya: And when that happened to you, what did you do?


Esther: I started practicing Kundalini yoga. My sister had just finished her teacher’s training and she introduced me to Kundalini yoga. That’s how I started looking into my self with more curiosity. Something started to shift and change, but I I didn’t understand how to read what was happening on the inside.

The most important thing was that I became functional again and I found someone who helped me cure my panic attacks and anxiety. And that was amazing, how fast I could deal with this! Even when I had them, I knew how to keep them under control. That made me realise the power that my body had within to heal and repair, how smart my brain and body were and how adaptable. That made me feel in control again. I can always change the way I feel from now on.

At the same time I realized acting was not fulfilling for me any more and I started writing music and singing. I have always been into music but now I threw myself into it seriously. Soon enough with my partner at the time, we were touring around Europe and getting a lot of attention. At some point again I felt I started being judged for how I appear on the stage, for my looks, but not for my work and my music. Everyone started again focusing on what I am wearing, how much weight I’ve lost or how did I look. The same circle started again and I felt back at the same place where I was while being an actress. I started burning out again, but this time was not so bad. However, I was feeling that my body was trying to tell me something. I thought that this time I will not end up again in hospital. So I took a radical approach, I cut out everything I was attached to at that moment - the boyfriend, the job and I stepped out of my life to take a different perspective at it.

And this is how my life began. I let all my guards and boundaries down. I finally was able to see things clearly, from an outsider perspective.

I did systemic coaching training, I did meditation training. As a singer and actress I knew I cannot lose what I have as an artist, so I just put it on the side. All of this is part of my identity and my life. This time I started using what I know in a different way. I wanted to use my voice not to transport a song or someone’s story, but something that can be of help, that is influencing people when they need help.




Tsitaliya: Today part of your work is focused on the chakras and you often mention how important for you is helping people speak their truth, which is specifically related to the 5th chakra, ruling the mouth, tongue, and neck and related to communication and your ability to understand and speak your inner truth “purely”.


Esther: Absolutely to me it is very important that people stay honest and authentic. Only in that way they can create togetherness, but ultimately this comes from their ability to speak from the heart and to speak their truth. That’s why I work a lot with the voice and the breath, this is my playground from the time I was an actress. My goal is to help people start speaking their truth. We all have limits, fears, some don’t know who they are.


Tsitaliya: Why do you think today in our world people feel so lost and fearful.


Esther: There are a lot of factors for that today. It could be social media, which disconnects us severely. Not because social media is bad, but because none of us was taught how to use it. Another factor that I witness and worries me is the devision that is happening in the world now. I have a feeling we are played out and we are pushed to choose a side, that we are not allowed to be empathic enough to say “I have understanding for both parties involved and only trying to find diplomatic solutions can help fining real solutions to a problem or devision”.


Tsitaliya: In our early conversation we talked about anger and you said you have spent your first 20 years of life angry. Do you still get angry today and if yes - what about?

Esther: I get angry about injustice. When I see people treat each other not as human beings. The anger I feel today is a whole different anger than before. I know now when anger is arising in me and I turn and ask myself, question my feeling or my own judgement on the situation.




Tsitaliya: If you can describe in three words your work today, how would you describe it? What do you teach or help people with?


Esther: Courage - I teach people how to gather the courage to look into their pain, into their issues. Then I try to teach them how to connect with themselves and that means connect to the dark parts too.

Third I try to teach the people I work with what consciousness means and how to start living in awareness. Awareness of yourself, your mind, your thoughts, your surroundings. And finally I teach them how to put all this into action, which is self-care. You would be surprised how many people don’t know what self-care means.

The idea of self-care is to be able to step back and take a bird’s eye, a different perspective. Ask yourself what is it that I need to do to keep on running the life I wish to live based on the reality i have now. And only if I accept the reality I live in now, I can build myself a different one. But you need to be brave at look at the reality, start to connect with it and then start to transform it, living into a balanced conscious life. What do I need to do in small action steps.


Tsitaliya: What is your advice then to people who start the journey with you but they still go through a “bad day” thinking: this is not working?


Esther: Start the process and the journey of becoming connected is not a straight line. Of course there are bad days and challenging times, but you start becoming more aware and you know this will pass and even better, you start dealing with those days much better. You start asking yourself - what can I do with a bad day? You have to learn how to turn it around and you can develop ways and techniques how to do it.

But if you are not working on your consciousness and living unaware, people do all kinds of self- sabotaging and self-destructive things in order to deal with the disappointment with themselves, with their inability to function on certain days. Instead you can try to look at a situation with curiosity and ask yourself how do I better deal with this! And without accepting things as they are, it’s hard to change yourself. The more you judge, the worse it gets. People judge mostly themselves for not being good...It’s only toxic thoughts that build a toxic reality around yourself.




Tsitaliya: You do so many things Esther, how do you find balance in between being so many things?


Esther: It depends how you define balance: for me balance is doing things from a place of not burning out, but gaining. There are a lot of things that I do, but I don’t do them in the same time. Whenever I find myself in that overwhelm I force myself to stop and tell myself: Not this way! I create my reality, nit my reality makes me to happen in it. I make it happen.

I try to feel the flow of life and follow it, but with the intention that they serve me and I need them too. I trust that when something is not working or showing up for me, I can leave it on the side in peace, but it will come back when I am ready and because it is part of my identity, whether we talk about writing, or music or being an artist. This is my balance. I balance all the things that I love to do on the terms that I trust everything to happen at the right place and the right time. And I ask myself what is it that I can be serving at this time that will serve me back.


Esther is wearing by Adushka garments ,

which you can find by tapping on each image

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