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Marisol | Image Consultant & Stylist

Marisol | Image Consultant & Stylist

Authentically Chic with Marisol


You’ve probably seen her wear some of our evening dresses and Olga Mul Coats, looking glamorous, confident and super chic. She always finds an interesting angle to re-vamp classic fashion pieces and she seems unafraid to experiment with her personal style.

In a time when everyone is trying to identify with only one aesthetic, Marisol is bold enough to show all the different facets of her personality. We love and admire her ability to re-invent herself in every picture she posts on Instagram and yet remain authentic and true to who she really is. Marisol is a one-of-a-kind style chameleon who looks authentically chic, no matter what outfit she chooses. This was one of the reasons we reached out to collaborate with her, plus the fact that she firmly supports and empowers other women to have the courage and express themselves through what they wear.




Today we’ve invited Marisol to share all her style secrets and how did she end up running an Image Consulting Agency in Geneva, a family and an influential Instagram Account!


Tsitaliya: Hi Marisol, on your Instagram I saw you are a New Yorker! How did you end up in Switzerland?


Marisol: Yes, I am born and raised in New York but after meeting my husband before even getting married I decided to give Switzerland a try. I can be very spontaneous and adventurous, but somehow things have to make sense to me. While I was studying fashion, I also worked for Estée Lauder as a beauty consultant and once I acquired my Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design, I started working for a Model Agency, where I met my husband. At some point he was going back to Geneva and I decided to go too. That was in 1993 and here I am still in Geneva after so many years. I must have liked it.


Tsitaliya: Oh certainly, but how was it at the beginning?

I started studying French of course and then I began working for Estée Lauder again, but I found out the company in Europe was working differently from the way it was in New York, so I moved to Dior beauty. My career grew fast there, but I had my son and I decided it was time for me to do something on my own, where I can be more flexible with more time for my family. That’s how I launched my Image Consulting Agency in 2007, which I felt confident enough for with my education in fashion, experience in the beauty industry and my experience in the Modelling Agency. Later with the fast growing Social Media influence I started In a Chic State of Mind and today I am doing both, plus I collaborate with other people in my industry.


Tsitaliya: How would you describe yourself in three words?
I am the kind of person who loves life, happy and easy going. I am caring, for others but also for myself. I look after myself. And in this world we live in, I try as much as I can to remain authentic.


Tsitaliya: Your Motto is Style is Know who you are! How would you describe yourself and your style?

I don’t have one style. My style reflects all the different facets of me. I can change from one day to the other, but one thing I know is: I will stay up to date and add up some things I love at the moment, that are trendy or just things I like. In my styling agency we have identified six different styles for women and I am probably 5 out of these six styles. Depending on the situation and where I am going I wear one thing or another!






Tsitaliya: What is your approach when you style other people?

I always tell my clients that knowing who they are will help them identify their style. When people come to me for help in the agency, we look at colours first, the hair colour, eyes and skin. Usually women are more than one style.


Tsitaliya: What are you working at the moment and what inspires you?


Marisol: I work on my online services, I am consulting many clients in the States. I am also collaborating with bloggers all the time. Some time ago we’ve started a platform of four influencers called Swiss Digital Talents. We are offering brands to work with all of us as a team. That’s how we increase the influence and effect certain labels want to have. As what inspires me at the moment, I feel inspired by spring, the colours and how important they are to uplift people’s mood.


Tsitaliya: The biggest challenge at the moment?


Marisol: Finding balance between work and family and managing my energy to do everything I feel passionate about. I always put so much energy and dedication in every project and sometimes I end up exhausted. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Tsitaliya: What is the one piece you never get tired of styling?


Marisol: This is a difficult question is but if I have to choose, I love blazers! I love how they balance the feminine soft look of polished nails and soft blown hair. I find blazers most versatile and easy to pull together in a look. 




Tsitaliya: How has 2020 changed your style?


Marisol: Well, I’ve never been a hoodie and sweatpants kind of person but these days, this is what people want to wear. I personally wear my sweatpants at home and I like them with a matching hoodie, but the other day when I had to go out, I styled my hoodie underneath a blazer and I had such a great response from my followers who loved it!


Tsitaliya: What do you like about working with By Adushka?


Marisol: Whenever I work with a company I look first at the person behind it. When I met Karin, I could see the same love and passion that I have for fashion. Her choices of brands and styles are also very empowering for women because they are not designed necessarily for a certain body shape or size of woman. I find By Adushka selection is for every woman with different needs. Karin recognises all the different facets of women. I love that about By Adushka.


Tsitaliya: What are you looking forward to wearing this spring? Marisol: Rose Gold colour and my Elisabetta Franchi dresses!


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Tsitaliya: Top three Instagram accounts you follow and inspire you?


Marisol: There is no-one I follow daily or I look up to in terms of style. I am inspired by a piece of clothing and I let garments inspire me. I really try to do my own thing without being influenced by others.





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