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Where the sea meets the sky - Momonì Spring Summer '23

Where the sea meets the sky - Momonì Spring Summer '23

"A tribute to the sea, in search of a new conscious balance between creativity and eco-responsibility, on a voyage of discovery towards unknown horizons and back to a safe harbour.


Sailing through the waves, towards exotic islands that tell romantic tales of sailors, mermaids and starry skies, the need for lightness is satisfied. Islands as a landing place for common fantasies, evoking unexpected adventures and seduction, always in the imagination as a sacred place where one can take refuge to find well-being and balance. Immersed in an ecological paradise of rare beauty enveloped in a protective and liberating silence in total harmony with nature, one is transported into the brand's new mood. The mood is holiday-like and we are immediately transported into the brand's new mood by the iconic silk twill prints.


The poetry of artistic designs is inspired by the 1970s. We find prints of all kinds: all-over prints with tropical palms, tourists on holiday, floral prints typical of the 70s, patterns reminiscent of the Mediterranean... they are worn as a fun and glamorous touch even under rigorous blazers." 

"Waiting for the wind to turn, because it always turns sooner or later after a gale, we contemplate the horizon where the sea meets the sky and feel emotionally stronger not only as individuals, but also in union with others."


We are pleased to present you the new Spring Summer 23 collection from the Italian brand Momonì, one of the first brands we welcomed into the By Adushka family. A fresh and light collection, made unique by its stunning prints and high quality fabrics, perfect to pack for your summer getaways. You will find clothes for every occasion and every taste.



Keep following our story via our Instagram profile... we'll soon unveil more garments from this breathtaking brand...


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