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"The simple" collection - Moismont SS23

"The simple" collection - Moismont SS23

In the Middle Ages, the simple square was a garden of life where dye and medicinal plants flourished fruits and vegetables grew there, a dialogue between fabric and landscape.

Today, Moismont imagines a textile square: a Spring-Summer collection that celebrates plant life between two cultures, that of Picardy and that of Jaipur
Floral scents mingle, for an imaginary garden.



"The palette of the jam maker intersects with that of the Indian garden

Baked and gelled colors of strawberry, cherry and quince

Bloom with the freshness of purplish blues

Evoking the glassware of jars and the writing of dates"



The Indian floating garden is dressed in Ganges blue and carnation orange, the pink ocher colors of the walls of a temple in Jaipur. Intertwine in the weaves, for a textile tile, the checkerboard of the lid of the jar becomes a neckerchief.

The pattern of the apple weaves in the form of light jamdani. Prints inspired by pears, cherries, strawberries invite us to pick the scarves like well-ripened fruit
In a tree, where everything is beautiful and natural, like in this dream garden.



This is Moismont, this is By Adushka.

Fall in love with our Moismont selection. A label run by a French family, known for its premium scarves, shirts and tunics in gorgeous colors, all infused with ancestral know-how. This label is a need for authenticity and a return to the past, tinged with a desire to escape from the everyday life. It is about an engagement between Indian tradition and French style - each garment is designed by Adrien Testard, a textile designer based in Paris and hand-woven in India. Moismont gives life to pieces of clothing kneaded with a comforting and convivial softness and that what makes the brand so special.

Discover the whole selection here.



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