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Taurus perfect outfits

Taurus perfect outfits

You know each zodiac sign has specific traits, but did you know that can even trickle down to the way a particular sign dresses? If you’re a Taurus who’s interested in outfits that are a bit more in tune with your nature, you’ve found the right spot.


Outfits that’ll make a Taurus feel like a stylish goddess


Of course, you can take some of the typical Taurus traits (aka being ruled by Venus and loving a luxury moment) and run with them to create some major lewks, but according to Jake Register, astrologer and author of Astrology for Relationships: Your Complete Compatibility Guide to Friends, Lovers, Family, and Colleagues, we should look to each sign’s 5th house for a bit of a deeper understanding of what would inspire them clothing-wise.

After all, the 5th house governs creativity and self-expression and has a lot to do with a sign’s interpretation of their wardrobe. For Taurus, the 5th house is in Virgo, the official sign liking everything to be *just so*—which means “they have really, really specific tastes, and they’re gonna want quality over quantity,” according to Register. Expect Taurus to put together simple outfits that still stand out, and also expect that whatever they wear, it’s going to look and feel great! For that reason, expect to find more investment pieces in the list below. If you’re out there thinking, I’m not sure what all that even means? then please go ahead and scroll on down yonder for a selection of very fashionable outfit ideas for your fave taurus. To kick off the start of their astrological season, By Adushka rounds up the Spring/Summer 2022 looks guaranteed to make any given Taurus swoon. Stay tuned for Inès Kelly's New Moon in Taurus article.


Arcadia Silk Dress - Momonì

Add a romantic touch to summer looks with the Momonì's Arcadia Dress from the new "Time Travelers" SS22 Collection, which features artistic, multicolor botanical maps of cheerful beauty taking shape on dresses with airy lines.




Mosa Midi Dress in Blue - My Sleeping Gypsy

The blue, linen Midi Dress is crafted by My Sleeping Gypsy, using traditional Ukrainian cross-stitch embroidery and a one-of-a-kind Pulchlik technique on the shoulder. The voluminous balloon sleeves, 4 melange tassels, Sbiranka, and fringes, which adorn the neckline, make it a perfect bohemian outfit. 



Night Blue Eli Dress - Obidi

The beauty of simplicity. Opt for this trapeze dress for your summer getaway, wear it to a dinner party and be amazed by the comfort and elegance of this dress. Made in Como, Italy, from pure silk, the sleveeless design is ankle-length and is made unique by the neck detail: it has a ribbon that can be tied at the back or also at the front to create a unique detail on the dress. Check out also the other version.




Butter Washed Linen Duster with Tumbler Finish - Phisique du Role

The oversized silhouette of this Duster from Phisique du Role makes it an excellent choice for work and weekend styling alike. It's cut from brown linen with slightly dropped shoulder seams; it features side pockets and a single macro button on the front. What makes the shape of this garment so soft is the slit on the back, which makes it fall fluidly over the body.



Asilah Micro Stripes Palazzo Pants - Marrakshi Life

Update your everyday rotation with the Asilah Palazzo Pants from Marrakshi Life. Super comfy, they feature side pockets and a high-waisted elastic waistband with an internal drawstring with a fluid cut for max comfort. Hand-woven in the label's white and blue Asilah Stripe fabric in the label's Atelier in Marrakesh.




Asilah Caftan with Nero Collar - Marrakshi Life

The Caftan with Nero Collar provides a contemporary nuance on a traditional Moroccan silhouette. Hand-woven in our Asilah Degrade Stripe it was made to order by the label's local team of Artisans from 100% cotton. The relaxed and voluminous silhouette has wide sleeves and a relaxed fit.




Navy blue Kimono Silk Blouse - Obidi

The ultra soft and fluid navy blue silk Kimono Blouse by Obidi is made of Italian crepe silk from Como and it`s  tailored from artisans in traditional manufactures around the City of silk, Como.



Hoping you liked this outfit ideas, we would like to recommend sustainable accessories by By Adushka to suit the personality of people with Taurus as their zodiac sign.



We present a Cashmere Scarf-Stola in an emerald blue hue by The Key To Dean and the velvet Zodiac Bag by Nina Leuca. What do you think?


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